The SDG Hub

About the Hub

“It is valuable to be around like-minded professionals. The SDG Hub draws such individuals to the space, which is a gift in a city like Vancouver where finding international development professionals is not so easy.”

The SDG Hub is a co-working and collaboration space for organizations and individuals whose work is advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Hub is run on a non-profit basis providing a flexible and affordable space for SDG innovators and start-ups to work together offline, make connections, bounce ideas and build the collaborative movement that we need for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether you’re working remotely and need a change from your local coffee shop or home office, are looking to host a workshop or work event, or are looking for a desk on a day/week/month-to-month basis with individuals and small nonprofits doing similar work, the SDG Hub is the place for you.

Housed in our new office location in Chinatown’s Sun-Wah Centre, the SDG Hub and BCCIC are a proud part of the BC Artscape family, an independent not-for-profit development organization which seeks to develop cultural spaces in BC that serve the needs of artists and cultural organizations as well as the local community.

Join our SDG Hub community and come and work in an atmosphere where our neighbours are local artists, sustainable transport enthusiasts, civil liberties defenders, recycling champions and youth education advocates.

Why work with us?


Housed within the BC Artscape community of nonprofits and artists, the SDG HUB is part of a community with shared values and goals.

Why work with us?


Meet, work, share knowledge with like minded people. It might just have the unintended benefit of future collaboration.


Connect with local nonprofits and individuals within Vancouver’s sustainable development sector.