Apolitical: A Policy Innovation Resource

Apolitical: Policy Innovation at Your Fingertips

If you would like to​ know about​ the best in government innovation from around the world, and ​see the work of policymakers and thought leaders in 120+ countries, check out Apolitical.

Apolitical reports on what’s working in policy, brings resour​ces​ and commentary in one place, and helps policymakers, NGOs, and academics ​share their experience with ​peers​ from around the world. It’s free for them to use.

​Apolitical​ cover​s​ a range of intersecting ​policy areas​ in international development​ – from violence prevention to refugees and migration and early childhood development. Everything is tagged by the Sustainable Development Goals.

​Public servants, academics, and NGOs can find​ ideas and insights from what’s been tried and tested elsewhere, and talk through the issues ​they​’re facing with experts and peers. It is used across all levels of government up to the level of mayors, ministers and former heads of state.

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About Apolitical

Apolitical works with a number of governments around the world including the UK Cabinet Office, the Government of Canada, Australian government, the European Union and several philanthropic foundations. They believe that the best way to change the world is to ​put useful insights and connections at the fingertips of policymakers globally. Come and take a look.