BC 2030


BC 2030 is a non-partisan political campaign that looks to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an opportunity for British Columbia to demonstrate provincial leadership on global issues.

The SDGs are a framework of 17 goals that aim to address the world’s environmental, social, economic, and security challenges. Unprecedented in nature, these new goals are:

  • aspirational : challenging us to move past a business as usual mentality for seeking solutions
  • interconnected and indivisible : recognizing that to truly be achieved, we cannot think of them as existing in isolation from each other
  • and universal : asserting that global issues transcend borders existing within all countries

The goals invite all people and all tiers of government to understand where they fit into a bigger picture.


For the first time, all countries, including Canada, will be required to provide updates on our progress to the rest of the world. British Columbia needs to look at how the issues we face locally fit in with our country’s progress. Now that Canada has committed to this global framework, British Columbia has a concrete role, connection, and mandate to contribute its fair toward achieving  these goals.

With communities around the province and world increasingly feeling the impacts of global issues such as poverty, inequality, and climate change, BC 2030 recognizes the importance of moving to action as quickly as possible. The campaign focuses on our upcoming 2017 provincial election as a platform to explore this conversation in a provincial context and invite our political leaders to expand their thinking.

BC 2030 is an invitation to think differently. These goals are brand new and the world is still trying to figure out how to best go about achieving them. There is space and need right now for innovative leadership in Canada on what implementation of these goals looks like at a subnational level. British Columbia has an opportunity to be this leader.