BCCIC Job Opening – Office Manager: Partnership Development

Application Deadline: October 15, 2019

Projected Start Date: November 1, 2019

Location: 268 Keefer St, Vancouver B.C.

Part Time: Full time 37.5 hours/week

Salary: $51,000 – 54,000 (inclusive of benefits)

Length of term: Annual contract coincides with our fiscal year of March 31 with potential renewal of up to four years. Further renewal subject to funding.  

Probation period: Three months

Vacation: Three weeks plus statutory holidays

Office Closure: Five days end of December

Overtime: Time in lieu only

Professional Development: TBD


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is a leading provincial network with a strong focus on global cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We were established in 1989 and currently have a core team of six staff based in a  non-profit oriented office in Chinatown, Vancouver. We have four regional chapters throughout British Columbia and a variable number of program staff and contracted volunteers at any given time. We have a very strong volunteer orientation and are committed to meaningful volunteer opportunities as well as offering  youth-specific and youth lead programming. The organization is led by an inter-generationally focused leadership team backed up by an experienced board of directors. Our network is guided by a membership-driven strategic plan that reflects a deep commitment to global citizenship and global cooperation. We work at the local, provincial, national and international scales and are very involved with other civil society networks on a broad range of sustainability issues.

We are a high performing, action oriented, motivated team that values creativity and the productive nexus between innovation and experience. People often ask how do we get so much done and the answer is found in the word “we”. We like to try new ways of working based on proven outcomes and we love a theory to debate, guide and inform our ideas. Collaboration, individual and collective leadership, integrity and respect for all living things are foundational to our work environment. While we have high expectations, we also encourage life/work balance and are committed to an all-gender friendly, youth friendly, environmentally and socially conscious workplace where people with families, living in an expensive city, can thrive.

Live hard, work hard, play hard and rest easy means we don’t encourage our staff or volunteers to stay late on Friday nights but we do expect them to come to work in a shared office environment with energy on Monday mornings.  We also believe that the transformative change we advocate for in the world begins individually and includes evolving our collective workplace. We seek open-minded, life-long learners whose core orientation is a rare mix of appropriate humility and unparalleled self-confidence. Understanding self is a key attribute we look for to complement our core team.  An essential part of our work is to engage the public through creative communications on the most pressing issues of our time. The key adjective is “creative”; a word that reflects a rare mix of wisdom with enthusiasm.

We are seeking an energetic office manager with the ability to develop and steward partnerships including working directly with our membership. You will be adept in organizing office systems, facilitating calendars, reporting to funders and working with financial reporting systems in direct cooperation with our financial officer. You prefer not to be out front because you understand that the logistical back end of any organization is the foundation to success. You understand that programming relies on evaluation, monitoring and reporting and management systems like Results Based Management are strangely thrilling to you. You revel in putting out a good report and keeping people on budget, on time and properly resourced. You have worked with Executive Directors before that are too busy to breathe and you understand how to breathe for them or do other tasks so they can breathe when deadlines approach. Keeping a “to do” list is second nature for you and you don’t mind when the office is crazy busy because you have worked in places like this before and know you are the keystone to keeping the machinery of social change work ticking. If you were a sailor all things would be in “Bristol Shape”. Efficiency is your mantra, you wear a watch and have a list of apps that you are proficient with to make life easier not more difficult and you see the wisdom in a sharp pencil.

Understanding multiple perspectives and an inclusive approach, while also driving hard to change the world with uncompromising integrity, will be your prime motivation because you understand that time is of the essence on our planet. While we work on serious subjects our work environment strives to be joyous and we entertain and honour a variety of humours. Sharp pencil aside, you understand that your job is extraordinary and you appreciate a team that understands that and appreciates you.

While BCCIC respects a strong academic background, we know that the real world is a complex place where concepts, ideas and theories are often trashed by the simplicity of an uncompromising street-smart approach. Managing an office and working with partners leans less on a business management degree (although it is helpful) and more on your ability to relate to others.  As a member of BCCIC’s core staff, you value multiple perspectives but know how to hold your ground and argue passionately that things are done properly with respect for the importance of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. You have the guts to slow others down in order to maintain quality.

You are a seasoned thinker who understands there are no simple, singular answers and everyone is partially correct. Most of all you want to change the world and make it a better place where all living beings can reach their potential. You enjoy life, the company of like-minded people and have the maturity to work on difficult subjects and maintain a healthy perspective. People generally describe you as positive… or even “very positive” despite the sober content of your work. You listen more than you talk and, while you like your title, you are not so stuck on it that you won’t help sweep the office.


Key Responsibilities

Working closely with the Executive Director and key program staff to file reports, manage evaluation and monitor projects.

Work closely with the Program Officer to meet reporting deadlines, manage volunteer schedules and evaluate deliverables for key program areas.

Manage a shared office environment including an SDG hub of shared working space in a non profit building.

Liaise with building staff regarding office logistics and the lease agreement.

Handle office logistics, technical management of networks and computer systems (with the support of technical staff), mailing, internal communications and office protocols, insurance and Society Act reports.

Liaise with Board of Directors and take notes, follow up on board meetings and committee meetings regarding governance of the network.

Coordinate schedules, including meeting space schedules, volunteer schedules and workspace allocations.

Manage our membership portal, maintain membership fees and registrations and answer membership inquiries.

Answer telephone inquiries including our Business Connect accounts and monitor the info@bccic.ca e-mail accounts. Manage e-mail accounts and coordinate internal communications including video conferences.


Desired Knowledge, Experience and Education

Advanced Degree in a related discipline and five (5) years of experience in each of the following areas (an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered).

Excellent organizational skills with a demonstrated ability to organize multiple tasks and appropriately prioritize activities.

Experience working in non-profit environments and managing office systems including filing, reporting and accounting is highly desirable.

Knowledge of gender studies or equity a plus.

Knowledge of Results Based Management (RBM) and Logic Frameworks as used in the development and humanitarian sector a considerable asset.

Proven ability with communication and social media applications.

Experience working with networks, membership software or portals is key.

Solid understanding working in Excel, Word and Google Apps.

Strong budgeting, financial and reporting skills is essential.

Impeccable English, both written and oral, is essential. French as a second language is an asset.


The deadline for applications is:

October 15th, 2019 11:59 PST. The position is expected to start on November 1, 2019

Please send your documents through the job posting on Charity Village. To apply, please click here.

1) A cover letter telling us why you want this job
2) A resume or CV
3) Three references


Only individuals invited to an interview will be contacted. Thank you for considering working with BCCIC.