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BCCIC presents: Climate Change & International Cooperation an Unconference

Climate Change & International Cooperation : An Unconference

Saturday, November 21st | 9 AM – 12:30 PM at the HiVE Vancouver

What makes it an ‘un’conference? What can I expect?

An unconeference keeps all the good bits of a normal conference (diverse interesting topics, networking opportunities, informal discussions, Q&A) and gets rid of the rest. Unconferences are participant driven, we set the theme but you create the agenda, so bring your burning questions, experiences you want you to share, projects you want to collaborate on, and ideas you want to present. Together we’ll decide what we want to talk about, when, how and who wants to lead a workshop, pose a question, facilitate a discussion, share an experience or simply participate and build connections. Once the menu’s set, participants can cycle through sessions, using the rule of two feet.

BCCIC’s climate change and international cooperation unconference is an opportunity to learn, network and explore how climate change and international cooperation intersect and create opportunities for collaboration.

Why climate change?

We see climate change is the local/global issue that unites us all and calls each of us to action. Addressing climate change is argued to be the greatest challenge we face as a human species as such, it represents a great opportunity for people and groups to come together, network and learn from each other. We need everyone to move towards implementing the sloutions required to tackle this.

With the Paris Climate Change negotiations approaching we also see the Unconference as a great way to gather the diverse perspectives of our members on how climate change is affecting their work, what they need to know about it and what action they want to see taken. Throughout the Unconference BCCIC will gather and summarise these opinions in order to share them at the Paris Climate Change negotiations and tell the world why climate change matters to you.

What’s COP21 and why is it important?

COP21 stands for the 21st Conference of Parties and it refers to the United Nations Framework for the Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in Paris this December during which world leaders will be coming together to negotiate a legally binding climate change mintigation plan to direct local and global efforts in reversing our world’s current state on the matter.

Tentative Schedule:

9-9:30 AM : Registration & Networking
9:30 – 10 AM : Opening plenary
10 – 10:30 AM : First set of sessions
10:30 – 11 AM : Second set of sessions
11 – 11:30 AM : Third set of sessions
11:30 – 12 PM : Fourth set of sessions
12 – 12:30 PM : Closing plenary & Networking

Registration is FREE, but space is limited, claim your spot today!

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