BCCIC Visits Northern BC Communities Nov. 2-10

Join BCCIC in Northern BC to work going on in your local community and the opportunities that the SDGs present for political engagement.

The BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) warmly invites globally minded groups and individuals attend a series of BC 2030 Meetings between November 2nd and 10th. These meetings will discuss how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) link to the work going on in your local community and the opportunities that the SDGs present for political engagement.

In April and May, BCCIC visited communities throughout Northern BC (including Kitimat) to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, how they relate to the work of local organizations, and what opportunities they present. The information we gathered has been transformed into an online map as well as the attached summary report “The Invisible Mosaic” which reveals the incredible work being done by groups throughout BC and shares their own recommendations for how the SDGs can be used to strengthen their efforts and make BC a leader in sustainable development both at home and abroad. We’re now returning to communities to share what we learned including the opportunities identified and we look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can take advantage of the SDGs and move our work forward.

One of the main opportunities that participants identified in the SDG framework was the potential for greater political engagement and more support from all tiers of government. In order to take advantage of this opportunity participants recommended more advocacy around the SDGs including educating and engaging with local MLAs and MPs and generating more political awareness and buy-in around them. Building on these recommendations, the upcoming BC 2030 Meeting will discuss the potential for holding a non-partisan candidate meeting in Kitimat during the upcoming provincial elections and will look at what topics or questions candidates could respond to.

The BC 2030 meetings will last two hours, with refreshments provided, and will cover:

-The key findings from the SDG roundtable meetings held over the past year.
-BC 2030 – The idea of a non-partisan political campaign to generate support for the SDGs and the groups working on them across BC.
-The possibility of holding a non-partisan all candidates meeting in Kitimat and the local SDG related topics and questions that candidates could respond to.

We expect this meeting to be an opportunity for rich dialogue among attendees representing some of the most innovative and socially engaged organizations in the region.

Please RSVP to: dan@bccic.ca and feel free to forward this email to groups who may be interested.

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