SDG Best Practices Worldwide

Introducing the Best Practices of the Sustainable Development Goals Worldwide

Written by Michelle Gomez, BCCIC Public Engagement Writing Assistant

In terms of progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals in 2018, Canada is ranked 20 out of the 156 countries that have signed off and agreed to work together to achieve the goals by 2030. Considering that Canada has a high GDP per capita, efficient institutions, and an extensive charter of rights and freedoms, some would say that we could be doing alot better.  

The goals in which Canada have already achieved or are either on track to meet by 2030 are #3: Good Health and Well-Being, #4 Quality Education, #7 Affordable and Clean Energy, and #16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. If we continue at this rate, we will only achieve four out of the seventeen goals by 2030. The goals that Canada are neglecting the most are #12 Responsible Consumption and Production and #13 Climate Action.

According to the 2018 SDG report, ‘such complex transformations cannot be implemented by markets alone, [so] governments must take the lead in mobilizing stakeholders, planning for the transformations, designing supporting policy processes, and mobilizing the public funding.’ The following examples are all stories of governments taking initiative to work toward the goals. While outside institutions, organizations, and individuals often have a huge role to play in the implementation of these goals, only governments have the power to enforce this.

The report mentions that all G20 country governments ‘fall short on important dimensions of SDG implementation, including but not limited to government accountability mechanisms and public management practices, such as budgeting.’ Without a push from the government, many actors in society are less likely to focus on the SDGs.

The following are examples of other countries that are either excelling at or taking sufficient steps to improve a certain goal. Despite there being a great difference between the government structure, the physical location, and the financial resources of each of these countries, they have in common the fact that they have seen significant improvements in terms of the SDGs. They can help guide us as they all show actions that Canada can draw upon in looking for ideas to implement the SDGs.

Read this 3 part story series of examples of countries that are implementing the best practices of SDGs:

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