Board of Directors

Raseel Sehmi

Raseel is a dynamic leader and global citizen who has lived in Canada, India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, England and Myanmar. Thanks to this exposure she champions local-global connections and solidarity. Her passions lie in sustainable development, technology, business and spirituality – and in the innovation and impact created at the intersection.

Over 15+ years she has worked in the development sector (UNDP, UNICEF & 3D Fund, Aga Khan Foundation, Acumen and BCCIC); and in the technology sector (ATB Ventures, Finger Food Studios, Hootsuite and BC Tech Association). Her expertise lies in strategy, business development, public-private partnerships, communications and policy advocacy.

She holds a MSc. in Development Studies from SOAS, and a BA in Political Science from UBC. She is an alumni of the GGCLC, a coach to fellow immigrants and women, and an active philanthropist. She enjoys building relationships and finding opportunities that create mutual value, and she is excited to support BCCIC.