British Columbians talk local work on Global Goals at the United Nations


British Columbians talk local work on Global Goals at the United Nations

Vancouver, BC – July 11, 2017 – This week, British Columbians join heads of state, dignitaries and civil society from around the world at the United Nations to report on and discuss progress toward achieving the world’s most ambitious agenda: The Sustainable Development Goals. This framework of 17 global goals aims to eradicate poverty, eliminate gender equality and fix climate change by year 2030.

Countries are coming together in New York through the High Level Political Forum (HLPF), with many of those countries providing official reports on their progress. Canada, however, will not be among them this year. Encouraged by the agenda’s tagline of ‘no one left behind’, the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) has published Where Canada Stands, a civil society report that provides a snapshot of where Canada is on its path toward achieving the goals and what Canada can do to achieve its global commitments at home and abroad.

“We recognize the challenges and work it will take to track these 17 goals in Canada,” says Deborah Glaser, BCCIC Senior Policy Analyst. “This report demonstrates that civil society has a great deal of expertise on the issues and is keen and able to help out.”

Yesterday afternoon, Glaser moderated a BCCIC organized side event in New York which featured speakers from India, Nepal, Pakistan, and South Korea. The panel showcased civil society experiences in evaluating national progress on the Goals across a range of political environments.

“While the Goals can seem daunting in what they aspire to, BCCIC has already mapped over 2200 groups in British Columbia who are working on them and this number is growing,” says Dan Harris, BCCIC Program Officer and panelist at the event . “Adding up the numbers, there are easily over 10,000 groups working on these Goals in Canada – bringing these groups together could create a powerful movement for sustainable development and a clearer picture of Canada’s progress toward the Goals.”

In the last two years, BCCIC has held over 50 community roundtables in over 30 communities in British Columbia in an effort to explore how our province can take leadership on the global goals. This work led to a provincial initiative, BC2030, which seeks to build provincial leadership for the Goals. The initiative also led to the development of an online searchable map that features over 2200 groups (and growing) working on the SDGs in British Columbia. This work has garnered national and international attention, earning BCCIC a seat on the official Canadian Delegation to the HLPF.


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The British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is a coalition of international development and civil society organizations that has engaged in sustainable development and social justice issues for over a quarter century. BCCIC supports its more than 100 members in becoming more effective agents of change in their global cooperation efforts by disseminating knowledge gained through collaborative projects, building relationships across different sectors and networks, and developing the capacity of international development practitioners.


BCCIC HLPF Media Package:

New Report: Where Canada Stands – A Sustainable Development Goals Progress Report

In Where Canada Stands, BCCIC evaluates Canada’s progress on the seven UN Sustainable Development Goals under review at the 2017 High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). The report provides a civil society perspective on how Canada is doing, how we can improve, and where we need to adjust indicators to a Canadian context. Where Canada Stands compiles factsheets, expert interviews, and case studies. This report takes into account the gaps between the global framework and the national and regional realities, but at the same time focuses on providing strategic recommendations for implementation of the SDGs in Canada. The report also provides practical suggestions for the development of national and subnational indicators to track progress toward the goals.

View Full Report
View Summary and Recommendations

BCCIC has also been published on the Together 2030 blog in a series of blog posts leading up to HLPF. A piece by Program Officer, Dan Harris can be viewed here titled ‘Breaking it Down: The Need for Civil Society Reporting‘.

BCCIC is also featured in Together 2030’s official HLPF position paper with key messages to governments and stakeholders engaged in the follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda. BCCIC’s community mapping has been highlighted on page 13.