Capacity Development

BCCIC provides opportunities for people to rethink international cooperation, connect with other voices, and to build their capacity to achieve sustainable global development. Examples of topics explored in BCCIC trainings include:

  • Feminist methodologies and leadership
  • Best practices in public engagement and global citizenship
  • Results-Based Management & risk management
  • Youth involvement in high level negotiations
  • Applying for grants and fundraising

Examples of Past Offerings

Risk Management Training Series
COVID-19 has highlighted the importance for small and medium-sized organizations (SMO) to adopt risk management strategies. As the pandemic continues as a constant trigger, SMOs must reconcile the impact on their programming and be better prepared to face upcoming crises by managing risks and developing contingency plans.
BCCIC Workshop Series: Applying Gender-Based Analysis
Organizations must devise and implement development projects that are inclusive, gender-responsive, and to apply an intersectional gender and diversity lens. What do these concepts mean, and how can they be concretely applied to the project cycle?  This workshop demystifies these concepts, and gives organization's tangible tools and confidence to apply these concepts to their everyday work. 
How to Develop a Policy on Preventing Sexual Exploitation & Abuse
BCCIC developed a policy on Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) in 2020, and shares this experience with participants. BCCIC staff make themselves available for coaching and accompanying organizations who wish to develop their own PSEA policies through this capacity building training.
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We also deliver programming in partnership with the Inter-Council Network’s Spur Change program; a 5-year initiative, funded by Global Affairs Canada, which aims to:

  • increase the effectiveness of Canadian small and medium organizations (SMOs) to deliver sustainable results in support of the Feminist International Assistance Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • increase the engagement of Canadian SMOs in international development;
  • increase the engagement of Canadians youth, as global citizens.

For more details on events and trainings available through Spur Change, head to their website.

Praxis Institute

BCCIC’s Praxis Institute, which has been on pause as of 2022, is a professional development program that approaches the SDGs as a transformational agenda. It seeks to transform personal, social and systems-level skills toward these goals in a positive, inspiring format that is immediately applied.

Please check BCCIC’s events calendar for capacity-development opportunities.