A BCCIC Chapter is a group of members who have come together in a particular geographic location in the province to undertake collective work. A Chapter will have at least five individual members as well as affiliate and/or organizational members in good standing¹ with BCCIC. The Chapter members will work together on a regular basis to participate in BCCIC initiatives, programming and services.

Provided the BCCIC mission and goals are adhered to, BCCIC Chapters will not be prohibited from taking on activities and projects which are not specifically tied to BCCIC.

BCCIC Chapters

Comox Valley (CVGAN)

Kootenay (KCN)

South Van Isle (SoVI)

Central Okanagan (GECCO)

Terrace (GROUP 17)

Support from BCCIC

BCCIC’s head office provides the following types of support for Chapters:
  • Review and make decisions on approval of a Chapter application in a timely manner.
  • Provide a representative of an applying Chapter with a list of BCCIC members in the geographic area and once the Chapter is formed provide the Chapter with timely updates of BCCIC members in the geographic area.
  • One time Chapter start-up fund (for each membership collected by the Chapter in the first year, BCCIC will give back 110 per cent of the membership contribution to the Chapter in the first year)
  • A contact person who will be the primary Chapter liaison. 
  • Voting rights at BCCIC AGM by one chapter representative.
  • Provide financial support for events, should funding be available, as defined by the source funder. This may include support financial support for planning and coordination.
  • Access for the Chapter to BCCIC membership services.

Starting a BCCIC Chapter

  • Contact BCCIC office to express interest in starting a Chapter.
  • Complete the application process including ensuring at least five people are available to form a steering committee and each of those people is a member of BCCIC or represents an organization that is a member of BCCIC.
  • Organize and hold the first meeting for the Chapter.  A BCCIC representative will participate in this first formal meeting.
  • As part of the first meeting BCCIC and the designated Chapter representative will sign a Chapter agreement.
Note: If you are not currently a member of BCCIC, a membership approval process will be required. This process must be completed simultaneously or prior to a Chapter is being formed.

¹A member in good standing is defined as a member who has paid for BCCIC membership prior to the AGM  each September