Group 17 in Terrace

Thursday, February 11, 2021
at 7 pm via Zoom

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Join the Group 17 during the International Development Week, as we introduce the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with connections to local efforts.

1. What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
2. Meet members of Group 17 Steering Committee
3. Introducing the SDG Toolbox
4. Movement Map – who is working on each goal locally, regional or across BC?
5. How can you become involved.
6. Discussion

Group 17: Mission Statement

Through awareness, education, partnership and advocacy mobilize the community, governments and industry to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Terrace & Area.

Coordinator: Skeena Diversity Society

Skeena Diversity has been instrumental in supporting the formation of the BCCIC Group 17 Chapter in Terrace and the steering committee has decided to select it to be the coordinator for the first year. The Society provides staffing support for tasks such as administration, organization experience, community connections, but also access to physical space and technologies, leverage community networks.

Skeena Diversity Society was established in 2000 to address systemic racism.  The scope of the organization has grown over the past 20 years, but it stays true to its roots of addressing inequalities, racism, promoting cross-cultural relations and working towards a more welcoming and inclusive Terrace. It supports newcomers and immigrants with programs and services from language training, to immigrant settlement services, community connections and employment-related programs. It works with newcomers to settle in their new home community, connect with others and eventually become actively involved.



Skeena Diversity believes in the strength and creativity of a diverse, inclusive racism-free community.

Skeena Diversity Society provides leadership in building a vibrant community by developing partnerships amongst diverse groups based on mutual respect and equality.

Annual Work Plan