CIRDI Job Opportunity: Associate Director, Program Delivery

BUSINESS TITLE: Associate Director, Program Delivery
EMPLOYMENT GROUP: Management&Professional (AAPS)
JOB FAMILY: Business Development
JOB CODE: 185505 – Business Development, Level D
VP/FACULTY: Faculty of Arts
DEPARTMENT: Canadian Intl Resource Dev Ins

CIRDI is an inter-disciplinary centre of expertise on natural resource governance, housed at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia (UBC). In addition to our headquarters in Vancouver, CIRDI opened a field office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2016 to administer our Supporting the Ministry of Mines (SUMM) Ethiopia Project. With Canadian and international partners, CIRDI provides leading-practice advice, technical support, training and applied research as well as a platform for innovative thinking, knowledge mobilization and shared learning. Our academic and operational independence enables us to act as a neutral convener in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

The Associate Director, Programs will lead and manage a team of business development and technical development assistance professionals including program managers and administrative support staff ensuring activities are aligned with CIRDI’s strategic goals and mandate. This role will assume leadership and oversight for all program delivery, in line with robust results-based management and reporting practices. In this leadership role, the incumbent will also participate as an active member of CIRDI’s Executive Committee. Working closely with the Director for Partnerships and Program Development, the Associate Director, Program Delivery will provide input into the design of new projects and secure partnerships and resources necessary for effective program delivery. Oversight for the effective alignment of programmatic work with CIRDI’s institutional commitment to gender equality, environmental sustainability and respect for human & indigenous peoples’ rights will also be required. Finally, this role will require the incumbent to contribute to policy issues related to CIRDI’s mandate, significant interaction with external stakeholders from academia, industry, civil society, government and international organisations, while coordinating resources, managing effectively and building capacity within CIRDI’s program delivery team.

The position reports to the CEO, works collaboratively with multiple CIRDI Directors and leads a team of managers and administrative support staff. This role will have contact with a large international network of partners for academia, government, NGO’s, multilateral and international development organizations and the private sector.

Program Leadership
– Provides strategic leadership, mentoring and advice to program managers in the development of their projects and in project implementation and execution. Oversees the project life cycle from concept note, delivery of work, to final project evaluation. Ensures quality control over deliverables.
– Monitors overall program progress and applies adjustments as needed to ensure program success, effectiveness and efficiency.
– Provides leadership and direction to staff and collaborators on best practice related to Results Based Management (RBM), project management, as well as trends in natural resource governance, and international development.
– Develops and implements program and project strategies that will expand opportunities.
– Develops policies and procedures to improve planning, communication, accountability and quality control on project work.
– Provides leadership to Program Managers to identify and mobilize the necessary technical expertise and experience from within the Institute, UBC, CIRDI’s network of partners or its roster of experts.
– Identifies new potential partners and develops strategic partnerships aimed at future sustainability of the Institute.
– Directs or leads cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams involving faculty researchers, Program Managers, UILO contracts officers, communications staff and support staff in order to develop and execute projects and programs.
– Ensures all program activities are within CIRDI’s mandate and policies and procedures.
– Provides a professional interface for CIRDI, to mediate and facilitate collaborations and agreements between stakeholders by being a neutral respected party in the discussion and by asking questions and making recommendations, steering the parties to towards a win-win outcome.
– For specific initiatives define goals and activities, outcomes, propose implementation plans, milestones, and metrics of success.
– Ensures on-going maintenance of participant engagement and associated commitments as part of program delivery.
– Ensures prudent fiscal management of program and project-related budgets, as assigned and directed by the CEO.
Business Development
– Collaborates within the Executive Committee, and working closely with the Director, Partnerships and Program Development on the development of programs, projects, initiatives, and proposals and to identify new potential partners aimed at future sustainability of the Institute.
– Identifies synergies between existing projects and potential projects and in some cases influences and leverages a common interest to actively facilitating the cooperative development of a vision of the end goal.
– Identifies and secures funding opportunities by finding an appropriate partner and/ or sponsor, promoting the program/ activity and developing a winning proposal or application and influencing the decision-making process.
– Collaboratively develops proposals for new major projects including logic models, risk assessments and budgeting.
– Directs or leads cross-functional teams involving faculty researchers, Program Managers, UILO contracts officers,
communications/marketing staff and support staff in order to develop and execute projects and programs.
– Manages and nurtures ongoing partnership relationship leveraging influence as necessary. Ensures maintenance of participant engagement and associated commitments.
– Reviews legal documents from the perspective of the other party/ies and provides recommendations to the UILO on changes that will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for all parties.
– Provides a professional interface for CIRDI, mediates and facilitates collaborations and agreements between stakeholders by being a neutral respected party in the discussion and by asking questions and making recommendations, steering the parties to towards a win-win outcome.
– For specific initiatives, defines goals and activities, outcomes, proposes implementation plans, milestones, and metrics of success.

Operational Leadership
– Oversees development of various reports including project specific reports as well as reports to UBC, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, CIRDI Advisory Committee, funding agencies and other partners or stakeholders.
– Responsible for overall Monitoring and Evaluation processes related to programmatic work.
– Provides critical input to annual integrated planning and budgeting processes.
– Performs other related duties.

This position is critical to the success of the Institute, ensuring the Institute reaches its mandate through the appropriate management of existing and new projects.
The position is responsible for dealing with complex confidential information where consequence of error is high. Errors in judgment could result in serious impact to the operational activities of the Institute, UBC, and partner agencies. This high-profile Institute is operating in a politically sensitive environment.
The position is a critical point of contact and is expected to make decisions and recommendations impacting the overall program of the institute. Incorrect interpretation or communication of university policy and procedures or lack of tact, diplomacy or sensitivity in dealing with stakeholders could potentially result in damaged relationships and credibility, leading to the potential irreparable damage for the coalition Universities, including their relationships with funders and the federal government.

The Institute will have significant reputational benefits to UBC and its coalition members. Mismanagement of this portfolio would have significant reputational consequences for faculty and schools associated with the Institute and UBC specifically.
Mismanagement of funds or inaccurate tracking of significant in-kind commitments from coalition universities and strategic partners could result in a significant financial loss.

The Associate Director, Programs works under senior administrative and policy direction. Reports to the CEO and works in close coordination and cooperation with other senior Directors. This role is required to work autonomously and exercise considerable judgment and initiative in duties and responsibilities. Results reviewed for achievement of objectives.

Directly manages a team of M&P, administrative support staff, and student staff.

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Graduate degree preferred. A minimum of 8 years of experience in communications and planning or the equivalent combination of education and experience. A minimum of 8 years of experience in large-scale, complex program management and delivery, or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Previous experience in the management of development assistance programs is essential. At least 2 years of related field experience in the area of international development and/or working within a large complex organization preferred. Experience in business development, human resources management, financial and project administration. Experience in natural resource development an asset. Work experience in a university environment is a definite asset, with proven understanding of university structures, planning practices and administrative policies. Track record of policy analysis and technical advice related to the extractive sector is preferred. Proven fundraising ability an asset. Proven alignment with CIRDI’s operational values and
mandate is essential. Strong demonstrated leadership skills; a high level of initiative and taking appropriate action to ensure acceptance and support. An ability to develop high level understanding of a broad range of resource-related disciplines and to effectively communicate technical information to audiences of varying sizes and acumen. Exceptional negotiation, communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills with a wide variety of individuals and circumstances, including an ability to build consensus and bridge gaps between parties with differing objectives. Proven ability to initiate and develop relationships with internal and external partners. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Strong organizational skills and an ability to prioritize, manage, and execute multiple, concurrent complex projects and
initiatives while working under tight time constraints in a dynamic environment with exacting deadlines. Must have experience in project management, partnership development, and strategic planning. Ability to conduct needs analyses, risk management and mitigation exercises, plan, organize, manage, monitor, complete, and evaluate projects within allocated time and resources. Ability to exercise sound judgment. Ability to make decisions and recommendations involving highly complex issues. Ability to work effectively independently and in a team environment.

If interested, please apply through the UBC website or email your cover letter and CV directly to

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