BCCIC Climate Change

Meaningful Youth Empowerment

BCCIC Climate Change is led by a group of committed youth under 25 years old, who are passionate about youth engagement and climate action. As one of the most prominent youth-led and youth-driven initiatives in the international climate action space, our continued success has proved that young people have the capacity to manage long-term multi-stakeholder projects. 

The program is focused on gaining insight into the best-practices for youth empowerment, i.e. building youth capacity in policy research and analysis, project and budget management, and NGO operations. We build future careers and future worlds.

Achieving an intergenerational and sustainable world

Strengthening intergenerational collaboration entails providing mentorship and education to youth, as well as valuing young people’s opinions and creative solutions. By promoting youth engagement, BCCIC Climate Change encourages stewardship and sustainable development values among future designers, politicians, engineers, and architects of the world. 

We believe that sustainable development is built upon strong institutions, innovation and empowerment of future generations of leaders. We seek solutions to enable systemic change and strengthen institutions to accelerate global climate action: Strong institutions, Ambitious actions.

Y Talk Climate: An Expert Podcast Series on Mobilizing Youth for Climate Action

The BCCIC Climate Change Branch has officially launched an expert podcast series on mobilizing youth for climate action titled “Y Talk Climate”. The “Y” in the title of the podcast has a double meaning. First, the “Y” stands for ‘Youth’ and cements the identity of this podcast as a youth led initiative to increase awareness and action on climate change. The “Y” is also in reference to the word “why”, highlighting the importance of engaging in discourse around climate change as an integral part of advancing our collective action toward a just, safe, and resilient future.

The goal of the “Y Talk Climate” podcast is to educate youth in British Columbia, Canada and around the world about the climate crisis and empower them to turn expert insights into action. Through this project, the Climate Change Branch is excited to publish interviews with experts in the climate change field on various issues related to climate action, the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), sustainable development and local-global issues. The “Y Talk Climate” podcast is led by the Coordinator of Public Affairs and Communications (PAC) Division at the Climate Change Branch, Eliana Fleifel, and is hosted by two talented Media Developers, Simran Sarai and Bomin Keum.

The pilot episode of the “Y Talk Climate” podcast – “SDG 13 Overdue: Global but Local?” – – hosted the Climate Change Branch’s Multilateral Affairsdivision Coordinator Jeffrey Qi and launched on November 13, 2020. The Climate Change Branch at BCCIC is excited to rollout many more episodes starting January 2021.

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