Climate Emergency Policy Analyst

Climate Emergency Policy Analyst

Are you interested in global issues and social justice? Do you want to engage with big issues in a practical setting and get the opportunity to network with civil society professionals? We want you to work with us!

As a network of over 100 members, the BC Council for International Cooperation seeks to provide opportunities for British Columbians to engage with global issues and get a taste of what it’s like to be part of the civil society sector. With 17 Sustainable Development Goals to tackle locally and globally by 2030, there is much to be done – get involved today!

Description & Context:

As Climate Emergency Policy Analyst, you will be project-lead for the BCCIC’s Climate Emergency Toolkit and Resources for Industry and Professional Associations initiative. The Toolkit will leverage BCCIC’s experience in preparing a guidebook assisting local governments in decarbonizing their municipalities, while simultaneously developing similar resources for the private sector through their professional associations. 

Project objectives include: 

1) Raising awareness among BC industry, business, and professional associations about strategies to become climate change leaders; 

2) Increasing the number of associations supporting their members in preparing for the climate emergency; 

3) Understanding the business case for associations to become climate change leaders and highlighting effective measures they can pursue.

Possible Responsibilities and Tasks:

As Climate Emergency Policy Analyst, you will be expected to:

1) Conduct research to understand best global practices in climate mitigation and adaptation strategies for industry, business and professional associations to decarbonize their sectors or professions;

2) Review current municipal adaptation/mitigation strategies for transferability to industry and professional associations;

3) Study existing literature to identify the business and risk cases for associations engaging in a leadership position; 

4) Consult select BC industry, business and professional associations on their current practices, gaps and need for resources and information; 

5) Hold a roundtable of associations to discuss the research findings and identify information and knowledge gaps;

6) Develop a toolkit for associations and their members to become climate change leaders, reduce the GHG emissions of their sector and become resilient in the face of climate change. 

7) Prepare sample text for climate emergency declarations and plans that can be adapted by associations; 

8) Distribute the toolkit and sample climate emergency declarations;

9) Increase awareness of the tools and resources through a social media campaign targeting business, industry/professional associations, and civil society. 

What makes a good fit:

  1. Must have academic and/or professional experience with:
    • Policy and program research, analysis, writing
    • Tool and guide development
    • Knowledge of climate emergency approaches which industry or professional associations could pursue
    • Stakeholder consultation and communication experience
    • Climate change mitigation and adaptation knowledge 
    • Experience working with the civil society sector 
    • Good project management skills 
  1.  Must have managed or facilitated a workshop/roundtable 
  2. Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Previous NGO experience an asset
Applicants must be enrolled in a full time undergraduate or graduate program at one of the four PICS partner institutions: UVIC, UBC, SFU or UNBC. Students must either be returning to complete their degree programs following the internship or have completed their programs the semester prior to the start of the internship. Please provide proof of enrolment with your application.


Given funding capacities, the position is term-limited to 13 weeks from May 4 to July 31, 7.5 hours a day.  


The position is paid $24.6/hour. 

To express interest:

Please email your CV, a short (not to exceed one page) statement of interest to 

The deadline to express interest is March 6 at 5:00 PM (PST). Individuals will be contacted and matched on a rolling basis.



BCCIC is a network of British Columbia voluntary international development organizations and provincial branches of such organizations committed to achieving sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity and participation for all. For more information on BCCIC visit

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