Laurel Wayne-Nixon

Laurel moved to Vancouver the summer of 2018 to do an internship with BCCIC. She spent the previous year completing the first year of her Masters in International Environmental Studies in Norway. Previously she lived in Victoria where she went to the University of Victoria and received her BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies. She was a cheerleader at UVic and then the team manager after she graduated. For fun Laurel loves to cook, bake and try new restaurants- she even has an Instagram account dedicated to food! Laurel is passionate about policy, food and environmental sustainability. She is currently writing her thesis on the barriers environmental sustainable food businesses face.

Laurel started working on SDG policy briefs during her internship where she was fully immersed into Agenda 2030. She has fallen in love with working in the policy realm and sees a powerful opportunity in the SDGs. Getting to interact and collaborate with people across the globe on the SDGs and recognizing the impact of the briefs has been the most rewarding part of being at BCCIC. She says that being at BCCIC is never boring- she loves the fast-paced environment that fosters new skills and abilities.

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