COP 24 Canadian Youth Press Conference

COP 24 Canadian Youth Press Conference – Week 1

What are Canadian Youth pushing for at COP 24? They have thoughts on what it will take to meet international climate change targets, build a new economy, address the migrant crisis as a climate crisis, and focus on climate impacts on women and Indigenous communities.
Liam Orme, BCCIC Youth Delegate
Sophia Yang, BCCIC Youth Delegate
Ana Gonzãlez Guerrero, Youth Climate Lab
Elijah Deitrich, Prime Minister’s Youth Council
Tina Yeonju Oh, Canadian Youth Delegation
Maya Menezes, Canadian Youth Delegation
Jessica Steele, Kairos Canada
Alix Ruhlmann, Quebec Youth Delegate
This press conference showcases that youth are not only the leaders of the future – youth are the leaders of today.

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