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The Comox Valley Global Awareness Network (CVGAN) is an initiative by Valley people committed to social justice and international development and supported by the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC).   The Network is focused on raising consciousness and sharing avenues for social action, both locally and globally.


Introduction from Jerry Mundi, CVGAN Regional Coordinator:

“Hello fellow collaborators in our work toward a just, equitable, and sustainable world. I would like to introduce myself as the new Regional Coordinator of the Comox Valley Global Awareness Network chapter. My name is Jerry Mundi. I am a graduating student of the Social Services Program at North Island College. I currently sit on several committees at the college working towards curriculum changes, particularly in delivery of indigenous courses and programs to the many nations we service. I also sit on the Board of Governors at NIC and focus my work in creating and facilitating programs and events that speak to our strategic plan goals of fostering an open culture that supports and celebrates diversity. I look forward to learning from and working with BCCIC and beside members of the chapters across British Columbia to achieve our concordant goals.”

CVGAN is pleased to announce we have been selected to be a part of the VIU Studies Conference, (Un) Settling British Columbia  happening May 4th-6th 2017.  We will be hosting a roundtable discussion regarding the topic of Inclusion in small BC communities, sharing what has worked for us so far and listening to other’s experiences of what is working and what still needs attention.  

CVGAN is pleased to sponsor the Comox Valley Art Gallery Youth Media Project in the Rotary Room at12:25pm on Saturday, February 4th.  We will also be in the Bazaar all day Saturday, please do come and say hello!

The photos below were taken at the Changemaker Forum from November 25-16 2016. Credit for the images goes to Karen McKinnon Photography.


Upcoming Events

  • April 4: Decent Work for All BC2030 – Tell Your Next MLA What You Need
    • Not your usual candidate forum, ‘Decent Work For All’ offers you a chance to tell local candidates what you want and why that is important! All Candidates from the Courtenay/Comox and Mid-Island ridings will be invited as ‘Guest Listeners’ and be offered a short opportunity to speak in response to what they have heard!

      In 2015, the Canadian Federal Government signed on to support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at home and abroad. So far, the BC Provincial Government has not, even though many of the goals and targets outlined fall under Provincial Jurisdiction.

      Goal #8 is to Provide Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth, Employment and Decent Work for All is especially important to Comox Valley citizens today and topics such as a living wage fall under Provincial jurisdiction.

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The Changemaker Forum was a by-invitation two-day retreat intending to provide formal and informal leaders in our community with an opportunity to build relationships with each other and to build an inclusion focused Changemaker Network; build understanding of power, privilege and its impact on inclusion; add to inclusion work already being done by identifying next steps.

The ultimate goal of the Changemaker Forum was to enhance/ensure/support inclusive behaviour at individual, community and organizational levels by providing community leaders (formal and informal) with the understanding and the tools to add/change practices embedded in informal behaviours, systemic and organizational processes and systems. The documents are linked on this page in order to share valuable resources with our network.

Facilitation notes


Creative Writing Exercise


Exploring Privilege

Exploring Privilege Questions

Sense and Direction


Chapter Coordinator: Jerry Mundi