David Suzuki Fellowships

Are you a scholar interested in helping Canada transition to a low-carbon future?


If so, here’s an exciting new opportunity: David Suzuki Fellowships!

Three $50,000 (plus $5,000 for travel) fellowships are available:

  • Researching clean energy solutions and/or the economics of sustainable development (Vancouver)
  • Integrating traditional Indigenous knowledge into climate solutions (Toronto)
  • Developing regional and/or national transportation, energy and climate solutions (Montreal)

David Suzuki Fellows will spend a year with one foot in academia and the other in learning strategies to get their research the attention it deserves. They’ll make complex issues easy to understand and help motivate people to take action. In addition, DSF senior staff AND David Suzuki will mentor them all! 

If you or someone you know wants to make a world of difference, send us your application! Please note that the application deadline is February 1st, 2017.

For more information on eligibility and applications please visit: fellowships.davidsuzuki.org, or contact Harpreet Johal, Senior Specialist Fellowships:hjohal@davidsuzuki.org

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