Executive Director | World Fisheries Trust

Position: Executive Director
Type: pro bono management position / volunteer
Organization: World Fisheries Trust
Location: Victoria, British Columbia

World Fisheries Trust is looking for a Volunteer Executive Director.

World Fisheries Trust (WFT) is a Victoria–based registered charity working on issues of conservation and sustainable, equitable use of marine and aquatic resources. Our work is carried out both locally, in Canada, and internationally – primarily in South America. In B.C., our distinguished board, dedicated staff and volunteer team is well respected for our innovative Seaquaria in Schools, an educational program, and a Naturehouse; community-based research and training initiatives, and strategic policy and evidence-based decision-making. Internationally, WFT has a recognized expertise and network of associates dedicated to the development of policies that allow for the sustainable use of aquatic resources in a manner that is sensitive to the local society, economy and environment. Our webpage for more information is http://www.worldfish.org.

After 16 years in operation, WFT needs an experienced, executive-level individual to lead a revision and re-direction of strategies to meet our growing needs. To this end, we are looking for a retiree with managerial or executive experience and with expertise to contribute to the following areas:

• Managing existing resources and identifying new funding opportunities
• Design and implementation of improved administrative and financial procedures
• Enlarging the strategic networks for WFT
• Strategic development and project direction
• Communications and outreach
• Team building and mentoring of staff and volunteers
Interested Candidates will please send a resume to:
and include a cover letter that describes your area(s) of expertise and most interest to you.

It is understood that successful candidate(s) will volunteer their services. Ideally, you would be able to commit to at least a two-year term, with 2-3 days per week. Work schedule and hours of commitment are flexible.

WFT has a gender equality and human resources policy. Successful Candidate(s) are expected to ascribe to this policy.

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