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Picture of Antonia DeBoer, GECCO's new coordinator for the SDC.
Welcome to our new Coordinator for the Sustainable Development Challenge!

Antonia DeBoer

Antonia is a passionate problem solver, energized by collaborative conversation and wholehearted action. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for the past 13 years and currently serves as the Executive Director for NITEO Africa Society, a “small but mighty” nonprofit Kelowna-based organization working to further literacy equity in east Africa and the central Okanagan. With a master’s degree in Cross Cultural Studies, Antonia believes in the power of communities working together to address the complex challenges of our time.

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GECCO and Global Citizen Events Updates!

Get Involved!

GECCO is searching for Steering Committee members!


GECCO (Global Empowerment Coalition of the Central Okanagan) is looking for volunteers to help raise awareness of the Global Goals in the Okanagan Valley!

GECCO organizes or assists with approximately 8-10 events  throughout the year, particularly assisting Global Citizen Events with their suite of activities that occurs  regularly every February. Events include Taste of Home, Sustainable Development Challenge, Global MusicFest, and many more. Steering Committee members are volunteers who meet approximately once per month, with an overall time commitment of 2-10 hours per month, depending on the number of activities taking place. Often, Steering Committee members are active as members of other organizations, however the SC is not composed of those organizations, and SC members must be paid individual members of BCCIC.

If you have organizing, planning, writing, technology, marketing or financial skills, we want you! Contact: or visit for details.

GECCO has been super excited to be a (small) part of the Kelowna VLR report.  The report got some coverage in our local Kelowna Daily Courier, and has also brought forth important work through the Tamarack Institute, SDSN Canada, and CityStudio London. Check out the Guide to Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in your Community, featuring the Kelowna VLR as a case study. Bravo to Kus Wijesekera for driving this project forward!

Create Sustainability – GECCO and Global Citizen Events to Watch!

2021 Highlights:

  • #HeART SPEAK (Artists’ Eye on the World)
  • Arts for Social Change and Plan B Videos – Exhibition at the Rotary Centre for the Arts
  • Sustainable Development Challenge Finale 
  • Taste of Home
  • Learn More and Signup

#TasteofHome2021 video performances are now premiering on Youtube!

  • For the 15th Anniversary of Taste of Home, we’re going virtual! Watch the first release now, starting with
  • Trail Warrior – Abalone Eagle – #WestbankFirstNation.
  • Other videos in this lineup: 
  • Highland Fire Dance Academy – Sword Dance
  • OCCA Communities Association – Fan Dance
  • Dolyna Ukrainian Dancers Junior B Poltava
  • Somos Colombia Dance Group Kelowna – Bullerengue
  • Ruach Israeli Folk Dancers – Od Lo Ahavati Dai
  • Okanagan Mexican Folklore Dance Group – El Jarabe Tapatio
  • Kelowna Bhangra Academy – Level 4 Girls
  • Look for Taste of Home Kelowna on Youtube