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Sustainable Development Challenge 2023

The Sustainable Development Challenge is a platform for Okangan youth to engage in and impact the 17 United Nations’ Global Goals. Youth can bring their voice to the issues they care about through 1 of 2 programs: Project & Pitch or Arts for Social Change
Project & Pitch provides youth in grades 8-12 the opportunity to form a team and choose a global goal they are passionate about. Each team partners with a local organization to create a project and plan for addressing the issue. Finalists pitch their project at the Challenge Finale and can win funding to implement their project and make a difference!
Arts for Social Change provides children and youth in K-12 the opportunity to raise awareness and inspire action through their artistic craft. As individuals or a team, participants are invited to create an original artistic piece reflecting one of the Global Goals. Top projects will be given gallery space and live presentation spots as well as financial awards to further their cause. 
See past student success stories HERE.
Members of the Community, YOU can also be a part of this life-changing event!

  1. Become a mentor: Mentors provide youth with encouragement and feedback at our 2 Mentor Nights.
  2. Become a donor: We are seeking 10 Partners to generously give $1,000 support our Finale funding. 

Email Antonia at sdc@bccic.ca to get involved.

How is your WASTE Line?

At GECCO, we are all about zero waste!  Youth teams from the Sustainable Development Challenge have taken up the call for waste reduction through a variety of projects, from thrifty clothing to composting!  We want to follow their example.  We are excited to be a part of a new project to make the Okanagan Valley Zero Waste!  Visit the Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council and GECCO’s website for details about our plans for this exciting project.

This project will help Okanagan residents to significantly reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Canadians generate high amounts of waste, especially in regions with higher average incomes and population growth, as is the Okanagan. In BC, over 2.5 million tonnes of waste are disposed of each year – an average of 500kg per person.  In the Central Okanagan, waste disposal equates to 673 kg per person (Government of BC) Much of the edible food produced is wasted, water is overconsumed, and solid waste production remains high. For example, around 30% of food is wasted,  and around 60% of food waste is avoidable. This project will amplify local awareness of what we’re wasting and activate waste reduction activities region-wide. 

There are many ways we can reuse, repurpose, and reduce what goes to the landfill while encouraging new waste conversion/upcycling businesses, but awareness of these opportunities is low. Generating interest in the circular economy – where new uses and products are created from ‘waste’ – presents an exciting opportunity to help the region take its growth in a sustainable direction. This project helps to fill gaps in knowledge, motivation, resources, and awareness to help residents contribute meaningfully to sustainability.  Specifically, residents will benefit from a reduced-waste environment, improved air and water quality, reduction in carbon emissions, and cost savings for participants.  Thank you to the Central Okanagan Foundation for their support of this project!

Join us on January 19th at Okanagan College for FrostFest - a networking event for climate folks in the Okanagan Valley. Registration page is on Eventbrite.

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