Upcoming Events​

A workshop series for coming together as a community to explore the impacts of climate change on community spaces, wellbeing and resilience.

This community workshop series seeks to explore and learn about the many ways climate change continues to impact the Okanagan Valley and its growing communities.

Folks can join one workshop to explore a given issue or join all three to reflect on the scope of climate issues in the Okanagan.

WORKSHOP 3 – December 8 – Nurturing Community Climate Resilience: Fostering and nurturing community resilience is rapidly being identified as a key process to support and protect communities amid the impacts of climate change. The workshop conceptualizes community and systems resilience as a flexible, evolving, ever in motion verb—an ongoing interconnected process of natural, built, and sociopolitical systems—rather than a noun—a static thing, or endpoint. Resilience building must also recognize the dynamics of induced vulnerability through systems of discrimination that contribute to and maintain power, knowledge, and resource inequity. Activating community resilience also means having a good understanding of who and what the community is, requires, and encompasses.

What’s Your Food Story?

Taste of Home invites folks to submit one recipe and food story for our Taste of Home celebration this year. Recipes and food stories will be published and highlighted across Global Citizen platforms, Performances of local ethnic dancers are available online for you to enjoy beginning Feb 8th. That’s the cultural entertainment – the ethnic food is provided by you from recipes submitted by locals! Or you can order in from a local ethnic restaurant!

A Taste of Home 2021 will invite the community to join in on making the recipes and exploring the many ways food brings people, cultures, and communities together. Submit your recipe here: https://www.globalcitizenevents.com/taste-of-home-registration