Where Canada Stands Vol. III – A Sustainable Development Goals Progress Report

For the United Nations, 2019 marks the completion of the first round of in-depth reviews for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The High Level Political Forum in July will provide an assessment for the remaining five goals under review as well as the continued presentation of Voluntary National Reviews from member states, some for the second time. BCCIC will be presenting another report at the 2019 HLPF – “Where Canada Stands Volume III.” Later this year there will also be the first comprehensive review of progress in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, to be held at the SDG Summit during the United Nations General Assembly in September. The meeting will provide the first opportunity to follow-up on implementation and determine the future direction of the Agenda 2030 process since its adoption in 2015.

In order to provide a fuller picture of sustainable development in Canada – one that takes into account our country’s geographic and demographic diversity – BCCIC presents Where Canada Stands, Vol. III. Building on Where Canada Stands, Vol. I and Where Canada Stands Vol. II – this report assesses SDG implementation in Canada through the guiding question: “who is getting left behind?” For each SDG under review this year, both the national and sub-national contexts were considered through regional analysis and the presentation of case studies. Experts interviewed in these areas represent Indigenous communities, universities, think tanks, NGOs, CSOs, youth, industry, and various levels of government. The case studies were selected to represent a diversity of regions, and to highlight success stories where targets were met and no one was left behind.

In support of this progress, BCCIC invites you to join our webinar “Where Canada Stands on the SDGs – An Important Moment for Agenda 2030” on July 3 and get updated on how Canada is stepping up to the challenge of achieving the SDGs. With the creation of the SDG Unit,  new funding through Economic and Social Development Canada for organizations that are promoting the SDGs, and the release of a preliminary strategy for implementing Agenda 2030, Canada is working at multiple levels to do our part for the global agenda with the support of civil society organizations like BCCIC.


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