ICN Communications and Coordination Assistant | 9 Weeks-Full Time @ $12/hr

Are you looking to make an impact? Are you interested in seeing how a network of organizations collaborates on major national projects? As part of the BC Council for International Cooperation’s (BCCIC) summer jobs program we are looking for a Communications and Coordination Assistant for the Inter-Council Network of Provincial and Regional Councils (ICN). The ICN is currently housed at BCCIC.

Role Description:

BCCIC is looking for a qualified candidate who will support the work of the Inter-Council Network (ICN) National Coordinator with ongoing program activities, reporting, and program development. This person will take on a leading and essential role in editing and preparing content, monitoring and promoting the Global Hive website, http://globalhive.ca , a new ICN website (to be launched very soon), as well as ICN social media, among other tasks.

This is an ideal opportunity for individuals who are:

  • Passionate about global change and how it happens
  • Interested in the mechanics and intricacies of a collaborative network
  • Interested and skilled in communications, written, oral and online, and particularly in emerging digital media
  • Interested in learning about and working with results-based management tools
  • Keen on holding a position of responsibility and accountability
  • Detail oriented and aspire to delivering superior quality, in a timely manner
  • Wanting to gain valuable work experience in the non-profit sector


  • Fluent in English and intermediate level French;
  • Proven attention to detail;
  • Proficient and experienced in social and emerging digital media platforms and tools, such as webcasting, Google Drive, Twitter, SlideShare, etc;
  • Keen eye for design;
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize competing deadlines;
  • Familiarity with a breadth of social media platforms;
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative;
  • Proven problem-solving and strategizing ability;
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, MailChimp considered an asset;
  • Proficiency in word processing, web skills and online social networking;
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to keep track of multiple simultaneous projects; and
  • Knowledge and understanding of local and international development sector.

BCCIC is looking for a qualified candidate available starting as soon as possible to support the work of the ICN National Coordinator with ongoing program documentation, promotions, reporting, and program development.

Responsibilities of the Communications and Coordination Assistant include:

  • Organizing and hosting national sector-specific capacity building thematic webinars
    • Communicate with facilitators and organize a test-run of webinars
    • Prepare webinar, serve as support, maintain notes, prepare communication, compile feedback and prepare report
  • Supporting the design of a marketing and communications strategy for an upcoming project
    • Design communications materials and their distribution over social media
    • Assist in organizing and coordinating a national public engagement event
  • Thoughtful engagement with reporting and operations activities
    • Diligent attention to detail with the compilation and analysis of data
    • Organize reporting-related materials
  • Creatively undertaking work on the ICN’s current projects, activities and processes
    • Develop an ongoing documents database
    • Assist with regular administrative and day-to-day NGO maintenance tasks
    • Conduct translation work and content production/editing for key resources
  • Supporting ongoing BCCIC and ICN project activities, as needed
    • Maintain an ongoing record of activities
    • Contribute to an effective and positive team environment at BCCIC
    • Thoughtfully engage with the public, members and staff of all Councils
  • Opportunity to develop and deliver a personal professional project related to ICN activities that contributes to the sector under mentorship of the ICN National Coordinator
    • Identification of personal and professional learning goals for this placement
    • Critical research of the ICN and exploration of key topics of interest and a specific avenue for research


The Communications and Coordination Assistant will report to the ICN National Coordinator.


The opportunity to develop your subject matter expertise, to share your knowledge with and learn from not-for-profit leaders, and to contribute to your community in a significant way. We will discuss your specific learning objectives and keep those in mind throughout your engagement with the ICN and BCCIC. Other benefits include:

  • Free attendance to events organized by BCCIC for its members while volunteering with BCCIC;
  • Opportunity to build one’s skills and resume as part of the BCCIC team;
  • Opportunity to learn more about the international development context in BC as part of a provincial and national network;
  • Exposure to and participation in regular high-level, nation-wide conversations on global issues;
  • Opportunity to liaise with member organizations and Provincial and Regional Councils; and
  • Upon positive completion of the volunteer internship, reflective references from direct supervisor.

Time Commitment:

This is a 9 week (full-time) position set to start as soon as possible and end no later than Friday, August 25. Full-time work with BCCIC is 37.5 hours a week. Work from home is possible under special circumstances, with flexibility in case of illness or other issues as they arise, after discussion with and approval by supervisor. Regular contact by phone and email is required. A bccic.ca email address will be provided.


Funding for this position is provided through the Canada Summer Jobs program. To be eligible for this position, all candidates must:

a) be between 15 and 30 years of age
b) have been registered as a full-time student during the preceding academic year
c) intend to go back to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year
d) be a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and
e) be legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations

Interested individuals are asked to email Sara Farid at icn.rcc@bccic.ca with a copy of your CV as well as a short (not to exceed one page) statement of interest. Individuals will be contacted and assessed on a rolling basis.


BCCIC is a coalition of British Columbia voluntary international development organizations and provincial branches of such organizations committed to achieving sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity and participation for all. For more information on BCCIC visit http://bccic.ca/

The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a coalition of the eight Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation. These member-based Councils are committed to global social justice, and represent over 400 diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) from across Canada. The ICN provides a national forum in which the Councils collaborate for improved effectiveness and identify common priorities for collective action.

The ICN is currently managed by the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) as a part of the Connecting with Canadians Global Citizenship Program, which began July 14, 2014 and will end March 31, 2019.