ICN Public Engagement Catalyst Forum 2017

ICN Public Engagement Catalyst Forum 2017

Catalyser l’engagement du public – Forum 2017 du RCC

Effective Public Engagement Training and Professional Development Opportunity for Canada’s Global Sustainable Development Sector

Strong public engagement across Canada’s international development sector significantly contributes to how much Canadians are informed and care about international issues. The universal nature of the Sustainable Development Goals, which make all people and all countries responsible for their achievement, requires effectively engaging Canadians in the fight against global poverty, structural violence, environmental degradation and a range of other international development issues. Public engagement is thus integral to sustainable global development work, as Canadian participation is of fundamental importance in the search for sustainable solutions to these challenges.

Hosted by the Inter-Council Network (ICN), The Public Engagement Catalyst Forum 2017 will bring together Canada’s international development communications and outreach practitioners for a two-day, bilingual and interactive forum. Participants will share knowledge and develop the capacity to implement, collaborate on, and measure the effectiveness of their communications, outreach and public engagement in light of the current national and international context through this unique professional development opportunity. Offering an ideal networking space for seasoned and emerging public engagement practitioners, participants will build and deepen their professional connections in their field, learn from one another, and increase their understanding of industry trends and best practices with colleagues from across the country, while helping to elevate the industry’s ability to more effectively engage all Canadians as global citizens.

The ICN Public Engagement Catalyst Forum 2017 will focus on showcasing innovative ways of engaging the public and how to address and apply the framework of the SDGs, a human-rights based approach, and a feminist lens to current public engagement practice. Engaging, small and diverse group workshops and discussions will provide space for attendees to communicate and celebrate their organization’s successes in PE, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with participants working for and representing various civil society organizations specializing in different themes. Overcome challenges facing your organization’s PE Efforts, share expertise, learn new, innovative and creative approaches to PE, and develop the skills to effectively measure the quality and impact of your communication efforts. Participants will be required to bring an example of an existing or potential public engagement initiative and will learn how it can be developed in light of the current context and new frameworks, and will also share their strategies and indicators for measuring their effectiveness within the working groups.

Featuring presentations from outreach and communications practitioners from across the country, including Charmaine Crockett, Manager, Strategic Communications at CanWaCH (see CanWaCH’s timely and thorough 2017 report, “Using Shared Values and Beliefs to Engage Canadians”), Angela Cassie, Vice President, Public Affairs and Programs at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, SDG Mapping by BCCIC’s Dan Harris, and performances by artist Ivan Coyote,  whom the the Globe and Mail newspaper called “a natural-born storyteller” (Jade Colbert, Nov 2016), as well as many more social justice inspired artists and PE enthusiasts, the forum truly is a must -attend event for those in the field.

As a participant, what can I expect from the forum?

  • Be inspired by innovative and accessible ways to engage communities in social change by those who use art, sport and other creative approaches to public outreach

  • Situate public engagement in the current national context: Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy

  • Learn how to integrate and formalize public engagement into your organization’s core activities and strategic direction at local, regional and national levels

  • Increase your skills and knowledge to effectively measure the quality and impact of your outreach and communications efforts

  • Celebrate your successes and share your challenges, gain insight and discuss solutions with experts in the field of public engagement

  • Establish potential partnerships and synergies across the country with other passionate public engagement practitioners

  • Explore new and innovative practices of public engagement through participatory workshops and seminars

The forum will take place at Winnipeg’s Centre culturel franco-manitobain (CCFM), “the cultural centre and crossroad for French cultural life in Manitoba.” Attendees are also invited to participate in an exclusive tour of the Canadian Human Rights Museum, the first museum solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights (optional event), and to attend our evening social, “Artists as Catalysts of Social Change” featuring performances by artists celebrated locally and across Canada for their use of art in pursuit of social justice goals. In the spirit of public engagement, the event, hosted by the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, one of the most respected professional theatre companies in Canada for children or adults, will be open to the general public.

If you need more reasons to come to Winnipeg, check out Huffington Post’s recent article “This Prairie City Deserves Your Travel Dollars. Here’s Why.

We look forward to collaborating with you soon!

Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/icn-public-engagement-catalyst-forum-tickets-37048256332

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