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Every year, Canadians come together to learn, engage, and mobilize on justice and equity as global citizens during International Development Week (IDW). IDW 2024 is coming up on February 4-10, and BCCIC has lots in store!

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Our flagship International Development Week initiative Develop What? is a curated playlist of podcast episodes that explore social justice, decolonization, climate justice and all things international development. Subscribe and listen here!

Follow us on social media to hear from organizations, activists, and volunteers on what solidarity means to them. What does it look like in your their to day practices? How does it take shape in their relations? We’re excited for you to hear what they had to say. 

We worked with Councils across Canada to create the ICN Recipe Book that explores how food is a vehicle for social justice, sustainability, cultural vitality and much more.

Our 2024 booklist weaves an intricate tapestry of stories, knowledge, and perspectives that will captivate individuals interested in social justice, decolonization, solidarity, feminism, human rights, and global citizenship. We also highly recommend these books if you’re interested in or contributing to international development.

Check out our events calendar to get involved in the range of activities and discussions taking place for IDW this February.

BCCIC’s International Development Week programming is funded by Global Affairs Canada.

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