International Volunteer Placements with Cuso International

Position: Financial Advisor
Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Start Date: April – June 2019 (flexible)

Cuso International has an opening for a Financial Advisor to contribute to the improvement of financial systems of co-ops and associative businesses in the coffee, pine resin, wood and cacao sectors. Additionally, the Financial Advisor will implement co-operative financial products and tools with the purpose of offering new services related to micro-credit and financing. Additionally, you be involved in the development of financial proposals in the effort of accessing new financial opportunities and will assist in the creation of agricultural and forestall input stores.

Position: Youth Employment Advisor
Location: Sucre, Bolivia
Start Date: April – June 2019 (flexible)

Cuso International is seeking a Youth Employment Advisor who will provide substantive support to the Youth and Employment Center of Sucre. In this role, you will consolidate and build processes and service delivery programs, consistent with the philosophy of Youth Employment Centers.

Position: Resource Mobilization Advisor
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Start Date: April – June 2019 (flexible)

Cuso International is seeking a Resources Mobilization Advisor who will work on improving the visibility and reach of the Institute for Gender & Development Studies office by developing and implementing a strategy that will encompass elements of gender sensitization.

Position: Marketing Advisor
Location: Pakse, Laos
Start Date: April – June 2019 (flexible)

As the Marketing Advisor, your role will be to increase tourism for Southern Laos by developing marketing campaigns to boost the number of visitors to the region. You will work with Mekong Inclusive Growth and Innovation Program (MIGIP-T), a program launched through the collaboration of Cuso International and Swiss Contact in 2017. You will work collaboratively with the marketing task force, local partners, Swiss Contact staff and other Cuso International volunteers assigned to MIGIP.

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