Leaving No One Behind: Voices of Changemakers and Unsung Heroes


In the spirit of co-creation, this e-zine offers a unique opportunity to learn about the innovative ways that development actors have deconstructed, decolonized, and reimagined the concept of Leave No One Behind (LNOB) in their daily work. The LNOB pledge was adopted as a cross-cutting theme of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to promote the universality of the goals and the underlying belief in the inalienable human rights and human dignity of all people.  The e-zine provides a platform for the powerful stories, poems, and artwork produced by people who wear multiple hats everyday, who bear multiple burdens, and who face compounding challenges because they identify with and are straddling multiple categories, classifications, and labels. 

The e-zine is meant to give you an opportunity to enter into dialogue on what it means to be categorized as ‘left behind.’ While these submissions are not meant to represent all stories of marginalization, tell the tales of others, or serve as a mouthpiece for all those left behind, they are unique and insightful reflections on personal lived experiences. They each hold kernels of insight that, when viewed together, will force the reader to take pause and contemplate what it means to be left behind or treated as being left behind.

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