Volunteer: Leave No One Behind Researcher

Volunteer: Leave No One Behind Researcher

If you are interested in global issues and social justice, engage with the big issues in a practical setting and want an opportunity to network with civil society professionals we want you to volunteer with us!

As a network of over 100 members, the BC Council for International Cooperation seeks to provide opportunities for British Columbians to engage with global issues and get a taste of what it’s like to be part of the civil society sector. With 17 Sustainable Development Goals to tackle locally and globally by 2030, there is much to be done – get involved today!

Description & Context: 

On a day to day basis you would be working closely with the Senior Policy Advisor & Gender Specialist in undertaking research related to the 2030 Agenda’s ‘leave no one behind’ (LNOB) pledge. The research that you undertake will become an important evidence-base for policy, programming and public engagement. In particular, you will assist the Senior Policy Analyst in the development of an online magazine (E-Zine) that will focus on human rights, equity, inclusion and social justice. The objectives of this E-Zine are as follows:

  • Promote membership and public engagement through a creative, innovative medium; 
  • Promote accessibility through multi-sensory visual and oral content (where possible); 
  • Highlight the different voices and perspectives of diverse stakeholders in relation to equity, inclusion and social justice;
  • Showcase examples of resilience, agency and resistance among those considered to be left behind;
  • Reflect on intersectionality in experiences of – and responses to – social exclusion and marginalization;
  • Provide innovative examples and best practices of the way that development actors have deconstructed, decolonized and reimagined this concept in their daily work;
  • Offer alternative and more nuanced ways of thinking about this concept that can inform policy, practice and public engagement.

This magazine will be targeted at BCCIC Members and members of the public as part of BCCIC’s public engagement campaign. This work may involve the following: literature review; outreach to interested organizations and individuals; supporting contributors as they prepare submissions for the E-Zine; conducting interviews with stakeholders, activists, artists etc.; collecting poetry, artwork and other forms of expression; and collating and editing the magazine. You may also be asked to conduct ad hoc research and policy analysis on the SDGs through the lens of equity and social justice.

Possible Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Identifying, summarizing and collating relevant background documents.
  • Conducting interviews with stakeholders, BCCIC members and individuals promoting the rights of ‘those left behind’.
  • Conducting interviews with individuals and groups, who are demonstrating resilience and agency, in response to social exclusion and marginalization.
  • Transcription of interviews and representation in an accessible and creative format. 
  • Gathering interesting life histories and stories related to social justice, inclusion and equity.
  • Developing case studies on success stories and promising practices.
  • Collecting creative art work, poetry, song lyrics, photographs etc. related to LNOB.
  • Supporting contributors as they compile their submissions; this may include transcription, writing and editorial support. 
  • Collating and editing the E-Zine. 
  • Providing creative input into the design of the E-Zine. 
  • Identifying or designing relevant icons and visuals for the publication. 
  • Attending regular meetings with the Senior Policy Advisor & Gender Specialist, Communications Officer and Programs Director.
  • Attending workshops, seminars and webinars related to gender equality, diversity, inclusion and equity. 
  • Completion of the Global Affairs Canada’s GBA+ online course.
  • Compliance with Human Resources, BCCIC’s Gender and PSHEA policies. 

What makes a good fit:

Awareness, expertise and experience:

  • An understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • A passion for gender equality and empowerment, social justice, equity and inclusion;
  • A strong desire to promote the equitable inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized people;
  • An ability to reflect on notions of power and identity;
  • Experience conducting primary and secondary research;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Creative thinking;
  • An interest in public engagement;
  • Art or design skills would be an asset;
  • Communications and general social media experience would be an asset.


Essential person requirements

  • Timeliness, commitment, reliability, resourcefulness, flexibility, critical thinking, and being able to communicate effectively.
  • A commitment to confidentiality and the handling of potentially sensitive data.
  • A respect for diversity and inclusion is essential. 

We will appoint volunteers based on experience, knowledge, and merit, and also wish to open this opportunity to highly engaged people who are often underrepresented, including LGBTQ++, racialized, and Indigenous people, youth, and people with disabilities. Please feel free to self identify with an underrepresented group in your letter of interest.

Volunteer Benefits:

Volunteering with BCCIC is an unpaid experience for which no monetary compensation is provided. Understanding and appreciating those who volunteer with us are seeking to gain experience and contribute to moving toward a better world, BCCIC staff work with each of our volunteers to make the experience of volunteering with us as meaningful as possible. Our volunteers set their own schedules and decide collaboratively with a BCCIC staff member as to the tasks they wish to perform.

In your time us, you can expect:

  • Free membership to BCCIC during the time that volunteering is taking place;
  • Free attendance to events organized by BCCIC for its members while volunteering with BCCIC;
  • Opportunity to build one’s skills and CV as part of the BCCIC team;
  • Opportunity to learn more about the international development context in BC as part of a provincial network


The duration of this position is 3 months with the possibility of extension and a time commitment of 8-14 hours a week. Volunteering with BCCIC is flexible, but to reduce volunteer turnover we hope for volunteers to stay with us for 3 months. Exceptions are made for projects with quick turnaround times. Please do include the time commitment you are able to make within the body of your statement of interest. 


All BCCIC volunteers have a one-day orientation session to better understand the organization and what it means to be a volunteer with us. 

To express interest: 

Please email your CV, a short (not to exceed one page) statement of interest to zosa@bccic.ca as well as a writing sample. Please include ‘LNOB Volunteer’ in the title of your email. 

Deadline to express interest is September 25, 2020. Individuals will be contacted and matched on a rolling basis.


BCCIC is a network of British Columbia voluntary international development organizations and provincial branches of such organizations committed to achieving sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity and participation for all. For more information on BCCIC visit http://bccic.ca/