Liberal Party of Canada formally responds to Questionnaire on Int’l Development

Prior to the Federal Election on October 19th, our counter part in Quebec, Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (l’AQOCI), sent a questionnaire to all major Canadian political parties running for election. The below document is the formal response of the Liberal Party of Canada on issues of :

  • Achieving the new UN Sustainable Development Goals,
  • Supporting the work of non-government organizations,
  • Position and strategy on Overseas Development Assistance (ODA),
  • Proposed measures to protect the rights of women, First Nations and refugees, in Canada and abroad,
  • Strategy to ensure Canadian multinationals respect human rights abroad, and
  • Strategy fight climate change in Canada and abroad.

Answers to the questionnaire are available in both French and English (beginning on page 7) below.


Download Letter

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