Ariel Mishkin

Ariel is the Co-Founder of Advocacy Vancouver, a non-profit that builds awareness in Vancouver about local social justice, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and educational events by providing digital marketing support for various organizations. She is currently employed as the event planner for the Communicable Disease and Public Health Unit of the First Nations Health Authority, an experimental government that is run independently by First Nations Peoples of Canada. In this role, she manages programming logistics and budgets for conferences and workshops on sexual health, tuberculosis, harm reduction, HIV, and Immunizations for Indigenous communities across the province.

For the past year, Ariel has sat on the Board of Directors of the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) and recently returned for the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in New York as a BCCIC Youth Delegate. Previously, she worked in Mongolia and India with local NGOs to develop marketing and communication plans and held multiple positions on the board of directors of the University of Victoria’s Student Society.