New Report from BCCIC to Launch Next Month

Reading Between the Lines: Accelerated Implementation of Agenda 2030

New report from BCCIC to launch next month

BCCIC is launching its annual spotlight report next month. This report will reflect upon Canada’s progress on achieving the 2030 Agenda, and will ultimately describe how interlinkages have been understood and utilized by policymakers and practitioners in different sectors and at varying scales across the country. The report will offer concrete examples of transformative principles in action. Each of its nine chapters was researched and written by subject matter experts from across Canada.

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the breadth and focus of this year’s report, and an entire chapter has been devoted to Canada’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the context of Agenda 2030. The report calls for ‘systems’ thinking and inter-sectoral action in the context of crises such as COVID-19.

In advance of the launch of this report, BCCIC is pleased to release a preview. Readers can now enjoy the Executive Summary of this report, downloadable below.

Download Executive Summary Here


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