No Government, No Head of State Can Stop the Paris Agreement

Climate Action Network Canada reacts to the US election results

MARRAKECH, Morocco, November 9, 2016 — Catherine Abreu, Executive Director of Climate Action Network – Réseau action climat (CAN-Rac) Canada, delivered the following statement reacting to the outcome of the U.S. election as it relates to climate action.

“No one government and no one head of state can stop the global momentum to confront climate change, implement the Paris Agreement, and set a course to hold long-term global warming below 1.5°C.

“The climate movement is a people’s movement. Politics cannot change the minds and hearts of people who are defending their homes from rising sea levels, people who are putting their bodies on the line in Standing Rock and other communities to stop the advance of fossil fuel infrastructure. We are the people, and the people will not be stopped.

“The spirit of togetherness that made the Paris Agreement possible is alive this week in Marrakech, and it will become more important than ever in the coming months. Rapid action on a green energy economy and decarbonization is inevitable, since that transition is in every country’s interest.

“All of us at COP 22 understand the environmental imperative of acting on climate change and cutting climate pollution, but the economic imperative to get off fossil fuels is clearer than ever. The world knows that a prosperous future is one run on clean energy.”

“Recent experience in Canada shows the tremendous power of sub-national initiatives that will rise up in a vacuum of federal leadership. At the North American Leaders’ Summit in June, Canada, Mexico, and the United States agreed to work together to develop a continent-wide clean electricity grid and to reduce methane emissions. These actions serve our national interests and regional interests just as much today as they did yesterday.”

“American states and businesses, Canada, and other countries will continue to lead on climate and work to ensure a fair, practical transition for workers entering this new economy.”