The Praxis Program: Transformational Leadership in a Time of Systems Shock

The Praxis Program

Offered by the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation’s (BCCIC) Praxis Institute, the Transformational Leadership in a Time of Systems Shock” Program is anchored in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This professional development program approaches the SDGs as a transformational agenda. It, therefore, seeks to transform personal, social and systems-level skills toward these goals in a positive, inspiring format that is immediately applied.

 The program involves a series of facilitated, home-based professional development modules for impact on the SDGs. We believe it will support participants to develop strategies and skills to navigate the tectonic shifts occurring in our personal and professional lives, and the world around us.
Further details are available in the Program Guide and FAQs.

Cost – Free for successful candidates.

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Artwork by Adrian McKerracher