International Development Week

International Development Week​

International Development Week is an annual initiative that has been held in early February since 1991. This uniquely Canadian tradition offers an opportunity to engage the public about global issues and put a spotlight on spotlight on the important contributions that Canadians are making through partnerships around the world towards a sustainable, just world. Canadians individuals, the government of Canada and civil society organizations come together to mark this week by organizing hundreds of activities across the country and abroad.

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Upcoming Events at BCCIC

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Examples of Past IDW Programming:

2023 International Development Week

a poster promoting BCCIC's IDW event on Indigenous Rights

Two Tanzanian activists working to advance Indigenous Peoples’ rights and priorities joined us to share details about their work, the issues faced by the Maasai communities they work with, and progress being made to address them.

Through this recorded discussion, you will learn about the challenges faced by tribal communities in Northern Tanzania, from education, gender injustice, food insecurity and the climate crisis, and how two activists work to address these issues using divergent, yet complementary approaches. We have so much to learn from this collaborative partnership as international development actors and global citizens working towards a better world.

Our International Development Week 2023 kick off event explored women’s lived realities and leadership in the intersecting areas of food security, gender equality, the climate crisis and peace in different regions of the world.

How have the climate crisis and food insecurity (the former significantly exacerbating the latter) affected gender equality and peace? What progress has been made to address this, and who is leading the change? What forms of solidarity or support can Canada provide?  We explore these questions and more in this recorded panel discussion.

2022 International Development Week

We cannot turn the climate crisis around, reduce social divisions and inequity, or sustain peace without the full contributions of all of society.

While women’s contributions to peace and security have been well documented, calls for their meaningful participation in peace processes frequently go unanswered.

Women’s leadership is essential to peace and progress for all.

2021 International Development Week

Cultivating Individual and Community Well-being: 2021 & Beyond

During a global pandemic and in the midst of calls for social change, individual and collective well-being have been matters of deep concern and necessity. Well-being has provided moments of reflection, challenge and inspiration. As we have struggled to cope with challenge, change and uncertainty, we have also aspired to a more holistic, healthy future.

For International Development Week 2021 (IDW), BCCIC hosted daily events that speak to and nurture well-being. The morning events series was dedicated to global voices speaking to the experiences of diverse groups whose well-being is under threat as a result of multiple and intersecting barriers, deprivations and social exclusions. The afternoon series was dedicated to dialogues and workshops on individual and community well-being as they relate to the systems we work within or seek to shift. Social change agents also need support to do the work that they do. We need this on a human level, but it also makes us more insightful, mindful, respectful and effective.

Creative Community Organizing in Challenging Times was a panel and interactive discussion moderated by Andrea Reimer that dives into the potential of creative (even radical) solutions to tackling global crises. This event focused on the power of civic engagement and community organizing in a time when seemingly unstoppable threats loom large – including the climate crisis, the rise of authoritarianism, political polarization, and closing borders.

With the encouragement from a panel of brave and creative speakers, this event aimed to leave participants feeling inspired to accept these challenges in their own communities.

This event was hosted in partnership with the BC Council for International Cooperation, Amnesty International, ORICE, SFU International, UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, and the Simon K.Y Lee Global Lounge & Resource Centre.

In 2019, our main event was a panel presentation and interactive discussion on the topic of gender equality and climate change. This event aimed  to explore examples of how people of different genders are uniquely and specifically impacted by climate change, as well as the kinds of leadership that is needed to address these interconnected challenges we face as a global society.

2018 International Development Week

In 2018, the IDW Conference engaged the broader community in a conversation about Canada’s role and contribution in humanitarianism, while showcasing local and global initiatives around the country. The 2018 Community Partners were the following: Aga Khan Foundation Canada, Oikocredit, United Nations Association of Canada, ShEvalesco, AIESEC UBC, UBC Fairtrade, Shanti Uganda, Cuso International, Engineers Without Borders, and the BC Council for International Cooperation.

2017 International Development Week

In 2017, the IDW theme was “Leave No One Behind: Canada Contributes to Global Goals!”

For many Canadians, as global citizens, this is an opportunity to share their experiences striving to reduce poverty in the world and bring attention to global-local initiatives around the country

2016 International Development Week

In 2016, the theme for IDW events was “British Columbians are making a difference on the Sustainable Development Goals“.

The universal aspect of the new Sustainable Development Goals has inspired us to reach across sectors and connect with all people everywhere to build the connections, praetorships, and momentum necessary to achieve the goals by 2030. When we think about making an impact it can be easy to forget that perspective and words can be as influential as actions. Check out the below video to learn about what we mean when we talk about universality and global citizenship.

2015 International Development Week

For the 25th anniversary of International Development Week (IDW), the national theme of “We Are Making a Difference” was taken to heart with a series of events taking place throughout the province focusing on one of the biggest global issues in the last year, the Ebola Crisis.

Entitled “Re-Thinking the Ebola Crisis”, IDW 2015 invited British Columbians to shift their perspectives, identify challenges, and ask critical questions on how we can further engage with the world as global citizens.

The BCCIC team travelled 3212 kilometres and spent 10 days connecting with 4 communities. In each community, BCCIC partnered with the existing regional networks and community groups. The Prince George events were put on in collaboration with the Global Neighbourhood Network, the Castlegar events with the West Kootenay Global Awareness Network, and the Kamloops events with the Kamloops Global Awareness Network.  BCCIC does not have a network in Kelowna, but was able to partner with local group, Global Citizen Kelowna.

Each event included a featured speaker brought in by BCCIC, a local speaker when possible, and a special artistic presentation.

BCCIC collaborated with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Samaritan’s Purse Canada to source speakers for the public events held around the province.