Policy & Representation

Advocating on behalf of a collective upon consultation and to the media

As a network organization, BCCIC regularly convenes its membership and BC communities for consultations, input on national initiatives, policy recommendations, and feedback on matters that involve Canadian civil society. As a coordinating body, BCCIC is able to represent and advocate on behalf of the network to the Provincial and Federal governments.

International Assistance Review (IAR)

“This review is an opportunity to identify which strengths Canada brings to international assistance efforts, how to capitalize on those strengths to foster innovation, and how to best achieve results. This review will help us to determine how we can do this. It will be based on consultations, evidence and international best practice, and will serve to guide Canada’s international assistance and support implementation of the 2030 Agenda. It will help position Canada as a global leader in international assistance.” - Honourable Marie Claude Bibeau, in the International Assistance Review Discussion Paper, 2016

Linked below are downloads of policy brief submissions that have been shared with us:


The British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is a coalition of international development and civil society organizations that has engaged in sustainable development and social justice issues for over a quarter century. BCCIC supports
its more than 100 members in becoming more effective agents of change in their global cooperation efforts by disseminating knowledge gained through collaborative projects, building relationships across different sectors and networks, and developing the capacity of international development practitioners.

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Inter-Council Network

The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a coalition of eight provincial and regional Councils for International Cooperation. These member-based Councils represent over 400 diverse organizations from across Canada that are committed to global social justice. The ICN provides a forum in which the Councils collaborate for improved effectiveness and identify common priorities for collective action.

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Inter Pares 

Inter Pares collaborates with people and organizations who are dedicated to building more just societies and creating positive change. For over 40 years, we have worked closely with courageous activists and inspiring organizations throughout the world to build peace, advance justice, and globalize equality.

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Canadian Council for International Co-operation

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation is Canada’s national coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) working globally to achieve sustainable human development. With 80 members including many of Canada's leading development and humanitarian CSOs, CCIC convenes and coordinates the international cooperation sector in Canada and offers independent research and analysis on Canadian and global agendas and trends. A nationally and internationally recognized voice on questions of development effectiveness, the viability and the health of the international sector, the role of civil society globally and Canada’s role in the world, CCIC seeks to end global poverty and to promote social justice and human dignity for all.

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CARE Canada

CARE is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. We put women and girls in the centre because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

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Food for the Hungry Canada

FH Canada participates with the global FH family of 6 funding countries and 20 operational field countries. Our purpose is to end poverty, one community at a time through an integrated development methodology called Child Focused Community Transformation. With a focus on holistically improving the well-being of children, programs in health, education, livelihoods and leadership training with cross cutting themes of gender equality, protection, environment, worldview and disaster risk reduction move the entire community from stuck to thriving within 10 years while equipping them to continue their development after FH leaves the community.

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Canadian International Resources and Development Institute

At CIRDI, we believe that all countries can benefit from transparent, accountable institutions that represent and serve the people; that diversity is a strength and that economies do better when everyone has a chance to succeed. At a time when our global community is shaken by social, political and community upheaval, we agree that Canadians can make a difference by leading with our values.

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Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development

The Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development (C4D) is a coalition of international development and environmental organizations working together to share knowledge and take concerted action to address climate change. C4D was formed in 2006.

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Canadian Association of International Development Professionals

CAIDP gives a voice to the concerns and interests of Canadian international development professionals.  The Association's objectives are to foster excellence in international development consulting, promote the collective interests of international development professionals, and provide a forum for members to exchange professional information and engage in professional development.

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