Global Goals

BCCIC’s 2024 Booklist

Recommended reads on global issues, pathways to addressing them, and our role in it all. Our 2024 Booklist weaves an intricate tapestry of stories, knowledge, and perspectives that will captivate individuals interested in social justice, decolonization, solidarity, feminism, human rights, and global citizenship.

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Inside and Out event poster
Decolonization & Solidarity

Maasai Leaders Guarding Indigenous Rights in Tanzania

Two Tanzanian activists working to advance Indigenous Peoples’ rights and priorities joined us to share details about their work, the issues faced by the Maasai communities they work with, and progress being made to address them.

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Women’s Leadership in the Pursuit of Peace and Security

Our International Development Week 2023 kick off event explored women’s lived realities and leadership in the intersecting areas of food security, gender equality, the climate crisis and peace in different regions of the world.

How have the climate crisis and food insecurity (the former significantly exacerbating the latter) affected gender equality

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