Amplifying Youth Voices in the Fight Against Climate Change

The 10 year anniversary of Creatively United for the Planet’s first Earth Day event was celebrated with an incredible panel of youth voices that featured five young Canadian changemakers working in creative ways to help amplify youth voices in the fight against climate change with research, policy, community building, education and environmental activism – including BCCIC Climate Change Branch’s Executive Coordinator, Brennan Strandberg-Salmon.

This webinar includes discussion about the transformative change that is coming about through youth activism and intergenerational equity and includes questions such as:

  • What kind of programs and opportunities are out there for youth who want to become changemakers?
  • What kind of inspiration can we draw from the youth-led climate change movement?
  • What kind of innovative climate action is being taken/can we take to tackle the issue of climate change?
  • How can people from different generations connect with each other to work on common goals?
  • How can older generations support youth-led solutions to climate change?
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