Board of Directors

Rosalind Warner


Rosalind has 25 years of experience teaching and researching in the areas of international development, global environmental politics and Canadian international policy.  She is the Contributing Editor of two books on Canadian Foreign Policy. She holds a PhD in Political Science from York University with specializations in International Relations and Canadian Politics, with a minor area of Peace Studies.  She has held various administrative positions at her home institution of Okanagan College, including Chair of Curriculum Program Proposal Committee, Chair of Department, Co-Chair of Internationalization Task Force, and Faculty Association Liaison.  Rosalind has been active in BCCIC through the Central Okanagan Chapter, GECCO, for the last 3 years, and has worked with the Chapter Steering Committee on a variety of projects, events, and strategic plans designed to bring together local diverse groups and passionate individuals who care about the future of our planet and peoples.  For more please visit, or follow her on Twitter @rwarner23.