Board of Directors

Sonia Poulin

Sonia is an unwavering advocate for fair and equitable access to justice worldwide. With over 25 years of dynamic leadership experience in the justice sector, she has dedicated her career to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact.

As the CEO of the Justice Education Society (JES), she is passionately committed to reshaping the landscape of justice through increasing legal capability, strengthening justice systems and developing digital solutions, transcending borders to empower communities in need, while actively contributing to the achievements of the SDGs. She has been honoured to speak at numerous conferences, lending her expertise to boards at local, national, and international tiers, and playing an active role in shaping the global discourse on justice, equality, and universal access to legal information.

Sonia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and French Studies from Concordia, a Master of Information Studies from McGill, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde. Sonia has also studied law in the UK and Canada and is an LLM candidate (Human Rights) at the University of London. As a multilingual, Sonia’s work and travels have taken her to over 115 countries, allowing her to connect with diverse cultures and communities.