Strategic Plan

Our Goals

  • To deliver programs in BC on capacity development, public engagement, and collaboration in order to enhance the development effectiveness and sustainability of members and others.

  • To provide services to improve communications between BC Civil Society Organizations and the public, representing members' work to others, and creating and managing a grant fund to benefit members.

  • To govern and manage BCCIC professionally in order for the Council to deliver its programs and services effectively.

Our Strengths

  • The Council has an active and diverse membership in terms of size, experience, and geography. BCCIC supports Chapters in the Comox Valley, Victoria, Nelson, and Prince George.

  • The Council acts as a hub for international development in British Columbia by sharing best practices and giving a provincial voice to the sector.

  • The Council has an elected Board of Directors, adheres to the CCIC Code of Ethics, and has a proven track record of supporting BC-based CSOs since 1989.

Our Priorities

  •  Assist members to increase their development effectiveness.

  •  To engage with British Columbians on issues concerning global sustainable development.

  •  Increase collaboration with other development stakeholders in BC, Canada and internationally.

  •  To increase awareness of and support for the work of Council members.

  •  Be recognized as the credible voice for the international development sector in BC.

  •  Generate and manage a grant fund for members.

  •  Reduce the Council's dependence on a single source of revenue.

  •  Maintain the operation of BCCIC at its current level or better.

  •  Recruit and support qualified people to the BCCIC Board and staff.

Key Questions We Considered

  • Question: To what extent should we increase our collaboration with others such as the private sector?

  • Question: How can we better engage with municipal and provincial governments?

  • Question: How can we diversify our revenue streams?