Suresh Shrestha, Int’l Award of Leadership Recipient Tours Province

TSS awarded International Leadership Award

Suresh Shrestha, Chief Program Officer at TSS in Nepal, took advantage of a free trip to Canada in September 2015 to tour BC and visit many friends and supporters.  The trip was part of an award to Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti (TSS) from the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC).  Suresh represented TSS and was keynote speaker and panelist at the BCCIC AGM in Vancouver on Friday, Sept 18, and again at the Alberta Conference on International Cooperation on Saturday, Sept 19.  After that, he travelled to Cranbrook, Oliver and Kamloops and spoke to Rotary Clubs, students, and community groups, updating them on the earthquake, the water and sanitation projects, and the historic political accomplishments occurring now in Nepal.

TSS is a rural NGO in a district of Nepal called Ramechhap.  TSS works with a local BC based NGO called World Neighbours Canada and together, they facilitate the installation and maintenance of water and sanitation systems in small villages in Ramechhap.  Since 1989, the partnership has resulted in 185 gravity fed systems and over 20,000 hygienic, sealed toilets being installed by villagers.  The recent earthquake destroyed or damaged over 90% of houses in Ramechhap, but all of the water systems are still operational.

World Neighbours Canada (WNC) is a small NGO based in Oliver and Kamloops, BC, with projects in Nepal, Honduras and Burkina Faso.  Feel free to check out our website at .

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