Black Lives Matter: Taking pause to reflect the work that must and will be done

To our BCCIC community,

As the world turns its attention to the ongoing violence against Black communities south of our border, violence that is also levelled against Black and Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) in Canada, BCCIC staff recognize that no individual or organization (including our own) is immune from systemic racism. We benefit from these systems, we perpetuate them and are also oppressed by them, even as we work to change them. We must all take time to probe our own behaviours and work. We can and will do better. 

BCCIC has intentionally paused its regular online communication this week, from June 1 through June 7, 2020. This action wasn’t meant for silence but to create space to listen, learn and reflect on how we can do better. In the past several days, we have borne witness to – and have been reminded of – the collective work that must and will be done. To this, BCCIC staff are committed.

The BCCIC Staff