The Global Hive


The Global Hive Toolkit is designed to assist the efforts of public engagement practitioners working in Canada: NGO staff, volunteers, international development workers, teachers, youth, campaigners, activists, artists, policy makers – in short, everyone who works to engage others on global issues.

Public engagement practices evolve over time, and public engagement practitioners are always facing new and different challenges. Global Hive looks to the future of public engagement, and offers tools to help us move forward together in our shared goal of engaging Canadians as we work together to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Global Hive brings together good practices from public engagement practitioner-experts in seven thematic areas. The material is presented in a few different content formats – from powerful case studies to comprehensive tools to checklists, this toolkit offers a range of practical and reflective tools for public engagement practitioners.

Canadians are hungry to become informed, engaged and active global citizens. Global Hive will help us be more effective as public engagement practitioners as we inspire, support and challenge ourselves and others.