The Inter-Council Network goes to the World Social Forum

August 9-14, 2016 – BCCIC as part of the Inter-Council Network will be travelling to Montreal to deliver a workshop titled ‘North – South CSO Consultation on Canadian International Development Policy’

The objective of the workshop is to consult with Southern Civil Society partners to gain Southern input on how to improve Canadian International Development Policy. The workshop will build on the Canadian Civil Society partners consultations being facilitated by the councils that make up the Inter-Council Network of Regional and Provincial Councils for International Cooperation (ICN) and will provide valuable Southern partner input on Canadian policy and priorities. Currently the Canadian government is carrying out a consultation process with Canadian civil society organizations around the state of Canadian International Development Policy. This workshop is an opportunity to extend the consultation process in part facilitated by the councils of the ICN by engaging with global civil society partners in a way that complements the Government’s consultations process. The main invitees to the workshop will be members and representatives of Southern Civil Society partners groups with Canadian Civil Society partners and government officials invited as observers. The workshop seeks to gather Southern Civil Society partners input on how Canada can take a lead role in supporting international cooperation over the next 15 years and to share this input with Global Affairs Canada and Northern Civil Society Partners.

The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a coalition of the eight Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation. These member-based Councils are committed to global social justice and social change, and represent almost 400 diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) from across Canada.

Learn more about the World Social Forum including how you can participate online.

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