The Network – a Web of Partnerships

The Network

What exactly is a network and what does it do? This is a central question for BCCIC which is itself a network and is part of other networks. A network is simply a group of interconnected people or things – in the case of BCCIC we are a network of individuals and organizations working toward global development.

We are fascinated by the power of networks, which enable people to do more than they would ever be able to do on their own. Networks can act on a grand scale of solutions for the complex problems we face as a global society. They can act on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a way that is decentralized, yet unified at the same time.  

The Movement Map

In 2015, BCCIC set out to find more of the network of people working toward the SDGs by holding roundtable meetings across the province of BC with over 400 organizations. What we found was an “Invisible Mosaic” of thousands of groups working toward the SDGs, many of them unknowingly through the work on projects and initiatives they were already doing.

We asked how to move forward and make the invisible mosaic, well, visible. Response was clear: creates places for the network to better connect – and thus, the Movement Map was born.

Watch this BCCIC video on the Movement Map, released for International Development Week 2018:

The Visible Mosaic – A Data Story

Once the Movement Map came into being, we realized we had a lot of data that we could look at more closely to learn about our network. BCCIC Collaborated with storyteller and data scientist Maryam Khezrzadeh to analyze the 2000 or so organizations in BC that we had mapped. It was decided that a good way to see how these organizations were connected was to look at how they were linked to each other on the internet.  

The data was then visualized into a series of images that showed different aspects of connection, including how many links an organization has to others, what organizations are working on similar groups of SDGs, and our favourite: how all the organizations are linked to BCCIC (represented by the last image in the video below). These images were then formed into the Visible Mosaic Data Story to help explain what was found.

So, how does this research help us to become a better network? This data story basically represents how approximately 2000 organizations in BC are linked through the Sustainable Development Goals, the internet, and the Movement Map. Seeing these virtual connections can help guide us to connect to each other in real life, encouraging partnerships and multiplying the impact of our collective work for a better world.

Watch this BCCIC video on the Visible Mosaic Data Story, released for International Development Week 2018:


Become Part of the Network

We invite you to visit the Movement Map and explore the thousands of organizations in BC and Canada’s North who are somehow working on the Sustainable Development Goals. Add your organization to help the network become visible! Keep an eye out in the future as the map grows across Canada and globally.

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