The Partnership Culture Navigator : Organisational Cultures and Cross-Sector Partnership

New Toolkit from The Partnership Initiative has just been released that explores organizational cultures and cross-sector partnership.


Differences in organisational and professional cultures are a common source of misunderstanding in multi-stakeholder collaboration: they can reduce the efficiency and the impact of cross-sector partnerships and can generate risk.

In collaboration with World Food Programme (WFP), The Partnership Initiative has developed the second in its ‘Navigator’ toolbook series: The Partnership Culture Navigator. The toolbook has been designed as a practical guide to help users navigate the challenges of dealing with different organisational cultures when working in cross-sector partnerships, and is now available as a public resource for partnership practitioners.

The Navigator outlines a number of key issues for consideration and proposes some achievable actions that can be taken both to make it easier to deal with different cultures and to make your own organisational culture more partnership-friendly.

Download Toolkit

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