BCCIC's Youth Delegation Selection and Support Guidelines

As the COVID-19 pandemic has marked a transformational period across the globe, we believe that this moment of rebuilding offers an imperative opportunity to do so in a just and sustainable manner. Although the public health emergency carries pressing concerns for BC’s economy and the health of its residents, it also exacerbates other systemic problems that should be addressed within policy.

The Path Towards a Resilient Recovery” intends to bring essential climate-related considerations to the BC Provincial Government’s attention that are crucial to any strategies created in response to the pandemic. The report addresses a variety of issues, including ensuring a just and equitable recovery, better incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals within the provincial context, and centring nature and youth in recovery policies. By addressing these considerations within policy, we believe that BC will be better equipped to move towards a resilient future.

 With help and feedback from other youth-based and climate-focused organizations in BC, the report provides a set of recommendations to improve efforts for a sustainable recovery from an intergenerational lens. With their implementation, recovery efforts will better reflect climate needs in conjunction with BC residents’ well-being far into the future.

Download the Full Report Here (PDF)