Volunteer Opportunity: Coordinator, Public Affairs & Communications

Description & Context

BCCIC is looking for a qualified volunteer to play a key role in supporting BCCIC’s Climate Change Branch, with the intent of advancing public policies that promote more ambitious climate action and connecting with the members of the provincial council. The volunteer will coordinate the Branch’s Public Affairs and Communications Division, in charge of a team of communications officers, podcast developers, and media experts to oversee the Branch’s public communications and relations with relevant stakeholders as well as the general public. 

Please note that only candidates 25 years old and under are eligible. 

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the Public Affairs and Communications Division’s activities, projects, and volunteers.
  • Drafting the Branch’s overarching communications strategy and public relations guidelines.
  • Monitoring and ensuring all projects under the Division’s purview are carried out on-time, with professionalism, and complies with relevant regulations and legislation that govern the Branch.
  • Manage website content on the BCCIC Climate Change webpage, and review publication plans for podcasts and social media posts.
  • Provide appropriate level of training and guidance for each project/task to the volunteers under the Division.
  • Participate in the biweekly Coordinators’ Meeting and discuss the high-level strategies and progression of the CCB and partaking in administrative decision-making.

What makes a good fit?

  • Experience with non-profit works, especially in communications, public relations, and outreach
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Strong organizational skills and experience in administrative work an asset
  • Comfortable with task flexibility and ad hoc assignments
  • Creative multi-tasker
  • Knowledge of global environmental politics an asset
  • Ideal for the candidate interested in Canadian climate policies and motivated to navigate the intricacies of a non-profit organisation
  • Learning and Skill Development Component
  • Familiarity with the workflow of the non-profit sector and civil society operations;
  • Expansion of professional networks in global climate action and international environmental politics;
  • Experience in high-level administration and public relations sector;
  • Strengthening organizational skills and communications capability in a complex team-environment.

Supervision Provided

The Division Coordinator will work independently to manage a fundamental division under the BCCIC Climate Change Branch. The Coordinator’s work is governed under the supervision of the BCCIC Climate Change Coordinator Meeting which oversees all four Branch divisions. For specific tasks and projects assigned to the Division, guidance will be provided by various members of the Coordinator Meeting including the Multilateral Affairs Coordinator, Policy and Research Coordinator, Strategic Operations Coordinator, and the Executive Coordinator. The Division Coordinator is expected to provide training and guidance for each project/task to the volunteers under the Division, but the volunteer will be expected to work independently to complete assignments and tasks. The Coordinator should monitor with the appropriate level of guidance for more complex duties to the volunteer, and the volunteer is expected to defer to the Division Coordinator when any judgment or decision is required outside of established parameters. A BCCIC account will be set up for the volunteer with all functions a G-Suite provides. 

Application Process

Please note the application deadline is on July 15 at 11:59PM PST. 
Only candidates 25 years old and under are eligible.