Volunteering: A Great BCCIC Partnership

Often at BCCIC, we are approached by people with incredible energy and desire to support and push forward the work that we do. Students, researchers, and people with all kinds of amazing skills, knowledge, and talents have contributed to just about every aspect of BCCIC’s work. This post is an acknowledgement of one of the best types of partnership we have at BCCIC – our partnership with volunteers.  

For International Development Week this year we have been impressed with the work of the dedicated group of volunteers who are organizing the International Development Week Conference 2018 on Gender and Development. They have done a great job of getting amazing speakers, securing sponsorship, organizing the logistics, and promoting this unique conference which will focus on gender policy and social change. We are glad to be able to support this work, and are looking forward to attending on Saturday, February 10.

We have had help in the analysis of networks, like for the “Visible Mosaic Data Story” by Maryam Khezrzadeh, or the work of mapping the BCCIC network by Janeen Sawatzky. We are always excited and grateful for the excellent minds who wish to collaborate on new ways of thinking about the power of connection. We were incredibly fortunate to attract the energy of web developer Orton Mak, who helped us vision and build the burgeoning Movement Map, which maps organizations in BC (and beyond – it’s growing!) who somehow work on the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have been thrilled to work with some of the best volunteer researchers in the world for our annual reports about Canada’s Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals – Keeping Score (2016), Keeping Track (2016), and Where Canada Stands (2017) were all accomplished with the momentum of dedicated people often working on their own time, or who began by volunteering. We are undertaking another report this year for the 2018 UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) and already have an amazing team supporting the research.

A small army of volunteers helped us realize the BC2030 Campaign to bring the Sustainable Development Goals into the BC provincial election as an issue for citizens and leaders to consider (we’re doing BC2030 again this year ahead of the municipal elections – get involved!). We often have volunteers, usually students, coming in every week to help with anything from social media to programming and policy research – we are happy to help them earn course credit and get some experience in the reality of working at a Not-for-Profit.

The Youth Delegation to the United Nations Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, is a group of amazing young volunteers who are passionate about social change – all we do is help facilitate that energy. The BCCIC board is made up of volunteers who help guide our work and give important feedback and support. Many BCCIC member organizations are made up of volunteers who are on the ground carrying out the work that BCCIC is made to support.

At BCCIC we value the work of volunteers, and see it as a partnership – we know the work people give is instrumental in accomplishing as much as we do (and for such a small office, we have outsized accomplishments for this reason!). We are always looking for ways to get funding so that volunteers, especially students, can continue with and grow the work that they enjoy – and have some financial compensation. Most of all, we prioritize people being able to explore their own interests, gain skills, knowledge and experience, while working on something that feels meaningful and contributes to the collective work we do to improve our world. We are lucky to have so many incredible people walk through our door, looking to help!

Want to volunteer? Check out the Opportunities section of the BCCIC website.


“Volunteership” Art by Alexandra Wong

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